CrossOver 24 adds support for more Windows games on Mac

**CrossOver 24 Enhances Mac’s Gaming Experience with More Windows Games Support**

In the realm of technology, gaming enthusiasts who swear by their Macs often find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to accessing a broad spectrum of Windows-exclusive games. This week, we shed light on Porting Kit, a dedicated tool aiming to bridge this very gap by facilitating Windows games on Mac, build upon Wineskin, an offshoot of the Wine runtime environment, now hitting the shelves with its 9th iteration. Wine, in turn, lays the groundwork for the commercial project known as CrossOver, engineered by the UK-based developers at Codeweavers, which has just rolled out its 24th version.

CrossOver embarks on the mission of making a wide array of Windows applications accessible on Mac, circumventing the need for a Windows installation. This approach, while eliminating the necessity for Windows, demands compromises and a slew of adaptations to ensure compatibility with individual apps. This necessity for specificity is why the developers behind CrossOver maintain a comprehensive list of applications tested and approved for use on their platform. Potential users are strongly urged to verify the compatibility of their frequently used apps before making a purchase.

However, for those eager to explore what CrossOver 24 has to offer firsthand, a 14-day free trial is available. This allows prospective users to ascertain whether the application meets their requirements. Once satisfied, CrossOver licenses are available for purchase — €74 for a one-year license inclusive of support and updates, or €484 for a lifetime license.

**New Features and Enhanced Support for Games in CrossOver 24**

Swinging back to the recent launch of CrossOver version 24, the developer team has detailed the updates in a blog post, mentioning aesthetic enhancements to various UI components among other improvements.

Focusing on Windows games, version 24 of CrossOver has stepped up its game by enhancing support for several titles, as highlighted below:

– **Planet Zoo** is now running smoothly in its latest version.
– The standalone launcher for **Warframe** is operational.
– Fixes have been implemented to prevent crashes in **The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth**.
– **Mafia: Definitive Edition** is now playable.
– Multiplayer functionality in **Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition** has been restored.
– **Horizon Zero Dawn** and **Anno 1800** are now running without issues.

These updates illustrate CrossOver’s ongoing commitment to improving the gaming experience on Mac by bridging the gap between Windows-exclusive titles and macOS. With the promise of broader compatibility and continuous enhancements, CrossOver 24 positions itself as a compelling choice for Mac users looking to expand their gaming library without the constraints of a Windows OS. For those in the gaming community who prefer the macOS environment but don’t want to miss out on the vast world of Windows games, CrossOver 24 proves to be a robust solution worth exploring.

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