EasyLetter: Web Version Now with AI Text Assistant

## EasyLetter Enhances Its Web Version with AI Text Assistant

In the digital era, sending physical letters has become less common, but when the need arises, EasyLetter is our go-to tool. Available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, EasyLetter has long been a favorite for its comprehensive features, making the chore of mailing real letters—often a requirement from authorities, contractual partners, or insurance companies—as easy as drafting a new email.

### Simplifying Letter Sending

EasyLetter employs a straightforward interface allowing users to input sender and recipient details, subject, footer, and the main body of the letter. It then generates a standardized letter that users can choose to print, fold, and mail themselves or send directly from the app.

The app integrates with PIN, a private postal service, enabling users to mail international letters containing up to three A4 pages for two euros per dispatch. Although these letters are digitally sent via the app, PIN takes care of printing, enveloping, and postal delivery.

### Web Version Accessibility

Recently, EasyLetter has expanded its reach by launching a web version available at easyletter.app. This web version offers all the functionalities available in the app and provides basic features entirely for free. Users who do not require text formatting, signature functionalities, or the creation of mail merges can use the web application without any charges.

### Integration with ChatGPT

A key update to the web version of EasyLetter is the integration of ChatGPT, which is available across all access levels, including for free users. This new feature allows users to generate customized text drafts that aid in composing new letters. EasyLetter offers various template categories—from cancellation letters and applications to complaints. Users can select a category and input specific keywords to outline the desired content of their letter.

For example, inputting „cancellation“ and „mobile contract“ as keywords generates a draft for a mobile contract cancellation letter, which can be directly inserted into the document with a single click.

### Future Prospects

It remains uncertain when or if the new AI functionalities will be added to the EasyLetter app.

EasyLetter has demonstrated its commitment to making letter writing as straightforward and accessible as possible, now enhanced with AI to streamline the writing process even further. Whether you’re drafting a formal request or sending a personal letter, EasyLetter’s web version and its integration with ChatGPT represent a significant leap forward in digital communication tools.
source: https://www.ifun.de/easyletter-web-version-jetzt-mit-ki-textassistent-227959/

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