Echo Hub: Amazon’s Smart Home Control Center Launches for Sale

### Amazon Launches Echo Hub: The Ultimate Smarthome Control Center

Amazon has expanded its hardware lineup with a brand new addition aimed at making smarthome control more integrated and user-friendly than ever before. Introducing the Echo Hub, available now for €199.99, this device might be best thought of as an evolution of the Echo Show, particularly designed with smarthome enthusiasts in mind.

Unlike other Echo devices, the Echo Hub does away with large speakers and cameras, focusing instead on providing a sophisticated software and hardware environment for smarthome management. It comes in the form of a sleek 8-inch tablet, ideal for wall mounting, though a complementary stand is available for those preferring a different setup.

### What’s in the Box?

Upon unboxing the Echo Hub, you’ll find a standard wall mount, as well as all the necessary screws for installation. A 180-centimeter USB-C cable and an adapter ensure that your Echo Hub stays powered up.

On the right side of the device are volume controls and a mute switch for the four built-in microphones, enhancing user interaction. Adding to its intuitive design are a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor and an ambient light sensor located on the top bezel. The PIR sensor automatically switches the device from standby to the smarthome dashboard upon detection of movement, while the customizable screen saver option allows personalization with slideshows and more.

### A Smarthome Powerhouse with Alexa

Aside from its smarthome functions, the Echo Hub is fully compatible with Alexa commands, including streaming from Prime Video, thanks to its 1280 x 800 pixel resolution display.

Central to the Echo Hub’s appeal are its comprehensive connectivity options. Supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, and Matter, it can manage an extensive range of compatible smarthome devices. An optional USB-C adapter is available for those preferring a wired internet connection, also supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE) for a streamlined setup.

### Customizable Control Center

The Echo Hub shines in its ability to provide a customizable smarthome dashboard. Users can tailor their main screen to access the functions, routines, or information they need most, such as weather updates, calendar events, and more. All these are built on the familiar layout of groups and rooms seen in the Alexa app, but with the added convenience of a more comprehensive and user-friendly interface on the device itself.

Security camera feeds can be viewed either in full screen or simultaneously in a grid view, making the Echo Hub a versatile tool for home surveillance.

### Beyond Traditional Echo Devices

While all Echo devices allow for basic smarthome control and camera access, the Echo Hub stands out with its focus on creating a smarthome central hub with an enhanced user experience. It begs the question of whether Amazon might eventually introduce similar functionalities to its Echo Show models through a software update.

For a truly exceptional audio experience, pairing the Echo Hub with an Echo Studio could offer the best of both worlds: advanced smarthome control and superior sound quality.

Priced at €299, the Echo Hub represents a significant step forward in smart home integration and customization. Optional accessories, including a table stand and an Ethernet-and-PoE adapter, are available for additional purchase.

**Product Note:**

The new Echo Hub | Smart-Home Control Panel (8 Inch) with Alexa, compatible with thousands of devices. €199.99.

The Echo Hub by Amazon is more than just a new entry to its Echo product line—it’s an invitation to elevate your smarthome experience. Offering a level of customization and control previously unseen, it’s a promising addition for smarthome enthusiasts looking for that extra layer of convenience and innovation.

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