Eufy S330 Launch: 4G Surveillance Camera with Solar and LTE

### Introducing the Eufy S330: A Game-Changer in 4G Surveillance Cameras with Solar and LTE

The world of home security is witnessing a significant upgrade with the launch of the Eufy S330, the latest 4G-enabled surveillance camera from the renowned provider. Spotted earlier this month, the Eufy S330 officially makes its market debut, replacing its predecessor, the Eufy S230. This cutting-edge camera comes bundled with a solar panel and is now available for purchase both on and the Eufy website, priced at €279.99.

The Eufy S330 enters the market with a price tag approximately €120 higher than its predecessor, which is currently on offer at a special price of €159.

### Operating Beyond Wi-Fi and Power Grids

One of the most compelling features of the S330 is its enhanced solar panel coupled with a substantial 9,400 mAh battery, allowing for operation independent of the power grid. Furthermore, this advanced model is not limited to Wi-Fi connectivity; it can also function via a 4G network. Users should anticipate a monthly data consumption of about 700 Megabytes, with Eufy’s example calculations based on daily usage of 10 live streams and 25 recordings of 10 seconds each.

The S330 boasts a 344° pan range and 70° tilt range and saves its 4K videos on a local SD card. To ensure vivid night vision recordings, it is equipped with a powerful all-around spotlight, delivering a brightness of 100 lumens.

### Compatibility with Homebase S380

Although the S330 does not support Apple’s HomeKit or connectivity to local NAS storage, it can be integrated with the Eufy Homebase S380. This compatibility enhances the camera with additional AI features and up to 16 TB of extra storage space.

The S330 is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and comes standard with a SIM card from the global provider EIOTCLUB. EIOTCLUB offers a one-time charge of one hundred euros for 36 GB of annual data and includes a trial data volume of one hundred Megabytes. However, users have the flexibility to use any other Nano-SIM cards of their choice.

### A Closer Look

This innovative surveillance solution brings several advancements to the table:
– **Solar-Powered Operation**: Frees users from the constraints of cable and power outlets, offering more flexible placement options.
– **4G Connectivity**: Ensures uninterrupted surveillance even in areas without Wi-Fi access.
– **Enhanced Battery Life**: With its robust battery, the S330 is more reliable during periods of low sunlight.
– **High-Quality Imaging**: With 4K video recording and a powerful spotlight for night vision, the camera ensures detailed footage both day and night.

The Eufy S330 stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of home security technologies, providing homeowners with a more versatile, reliable, and high-quality surveillance option. Its launch is a move towards more sustainable and independent security systems that cater to the modern homeowner’s needs.

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