Evernote backpedals: More features for free users

### Evernote Revokes Restrictions: Adds More Features for Free Users

Evernote, the well-known note-taking app, appears to have rethought its recent limitations imposed on the free version of the platform. This inference comes on the back of the company’s latest decision to make 14 previously premium features available to all users at no cost. It seems Evernote aims to keep its current user base engaged and possibly reclaim those who’ve turned away due to the imposed restrictions.

The restrictions that were introduced towards the end of the previous year, which notably included limiting free accounts to a maximum of 50 notes and a single notebook, will, however, remain in place.

### Enhanced Accessibility and More

The relaxation of restrictions primarily enhances how users can interact with their stored data. For instance, non-paying Evernote users can now access and restore older versions of a note using the Note History feature. Additionally, users can access their notes offline, with automatic synchronization occurring once online access is restored.

Among the features that were previously available only with Personal or Professional subscriptions but are now accessible to all users include the ability to comment on and export PDF files, scan business cards with a smartphone, and preview spreadsheets stored within a note.

### Maintains Basic Limitations But Increases Flexibility

Furthermore, free users now have the option to save emails in Evernote by forwarding them or, conversely, share a copy of a note via email. Also, Evernote has enhanced search functionalities for users on its basic plan.

A detailed overview of all features now available for free Evernote accounts can be found on their website. The various subscription plans offered by Evernote are also laid out for comparison. Currently, Evernote Personal is priced at €99.99 per annum, while Evernote Professional goes for €129.99.

### Evernote’s Bid for Recovery

Evernote has been grappling with financial difficulties and declining user numbers for some time now. Early in 2023, the service was acquired by app consolidation company, Bending Spoons. This recent move to unlock features for free users could be a strategic attempt to rejuvenate the service and bolster its user base. Whether this strategy will be successful in achieving Evernote’s goals remains to be seen, but it certainly marks a significant pivot in their approach to user engagement and service accessibility.
source: https://www.ifun.de/evernote-rudert-zurueck-mehr-funktionen-fuer-gratisnutzer-227630/

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