HomePod with Display: iOS 17.4 is the Reason

### **Apple’s HomePod With a Display: iOS 17.4 Drops Major Hints**

For years, the tech community has been buzzing with rumors about Apple developing a HomePod with a display. Ever since the debut of the first HomePod speaker six years ago, speculation about Apple expanding its product lineup in this direction hasn’t ceased. It’s almost a gut feeling that Apple cannot afford to miss out on introducing a device comparable to Amazon’s Echo Show or Google’s Nest Hub. Currently, Apple’s lineup lacks a gadget that visually supplements the information provided by its voice assistant Siri or can serve as a stationary, always-on display for iOS notifications and details.

Recent findings in the latest beta version of tvOS 17.4 provided by Apple add more fuel to these speculations. Don’t let the mention of tvOS throw you off—the HomePod devices actually run on a modified version of the operating system initially designed for the Apple TV.

The American tech blog 9to5Mac dissected the most recent beta version of tvOS 17.4 and highlighted several intriguing hints buried in the operating system’s source code. Notably, there’s a mention of an unknown Apple device, internally dubbed „Z314,“ that is equipped with an A15 processor, reminiscent of the performance offered by the latest iPad mini model released in 2021.

What makes the situation even more compelling is that these references in the programming code point not just to internal test versions but seemingly indicate that pre-production versions are already under testing. This suggests that the development and testing phases are quite advanced.

### **Indications of a Screen**

Despite all the technical jargon, one question remains: Where’s the screen? The evidence lies in new programming interfaces, which are specifically related to Apple’s graphical user interface. These are quite clear indications of a screen-based device. Furthermore, Apple has integrated a system tool known as „hangtraced,“ used for diagnosing and fixing issues with the graphical user interface of iOS applications. This inclusion further supports the case for a display-equipped HomePod.

### **Looking Forward**

Apple’s next product announcements are expected in March, with the industry mainly anticipating new iPads and notebooks. The addition of a new HomePod to the lineup could be an unexpected but welcome surprise. It appears Apple is set to expand its smart home offerings, potentially introducing a device that can complement its current lineup by offering visual feedback and interactions.

As always, exact details and confirmation can only come from Apple. For now, the presence of these clues in tvOS 17.4 offers a tantalizing hint at what’s possibly coming down the pipeline. Apple enthusiasts and smart home users alike will be eagerly awaiting any official announcements.

Stay tuned for more updates and possibly an exciting new addition to the Apple ecosystem that could make interacting with your smart home more visually engaging than ever before.
source: https://www.ifun.de/homepod-mit-display-ios-17-4-spricht-dafuer-227595/

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