HomePod with Display: Is „Desk Lamp iMac“ the Design Basis?

### Apple’s HomePod with Display: Drawing Design Inspiration from the „Desk Lamp iMac“?

As Amazon steadily broadens its Alexa device lineup, introducing the Echo Hub as a recent addition equipped with a screen geared specifically towards smart home component control, Apple appears reserved in this arena. The HomePod still entirely lacks a display, and solutions like StandBy don’t really present a viable alternative.

Prior hints in a pre-release version of iOS 17.4 had sparked hopes for a HomePod model extended in this direction, yet Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg writer with close ties to Apple, tempers these expectations. In his latest newsletter aimed at subscribers, Gurman reveals that there are no indications from Apple’s immediate surroundings of an impending expansion in this area. He anticipates a product in this category not before the next year.

### StandBy on the iPhone with iOS 17

Opinions may vary on what exactly holds Apple back from such an extension. Internally, the company’s management tier has likely long deviated from the once-held belief that products like a smart speaker can do without a screen. The comfort associated with using competitors‘ products should have made it clear to Apple’s decision-makers that there is definitely a gap to be filled here. Whether it’s a digital photo frame, an illustrated cooking guide, or even a visual HomeKit control panel as a command center for the smart home, there is a need for a display in these realms.

Portable devices like the iPad or iPhone cannot fully meet the expectations associated with such usage scenarios. This is precisely why Amazon and Google have variants of their smart speakers equipped with displays in their portfolio.

### Apple Experiments with a Design Reminiscent of the 2002 iMac

According to Gurman, Apple is experimenting with different device variants for this area. Along with a HomePod equipped with a screen, the company is also testing an iPad-like tablet that magnetically mounts to a wall. Gurman mentions a HomePod with a screen attached to a swiveling arm, reminiscent of the design we fondly remember from the „Desk Lamp iMac“ available from 2002 to 2005. The perfectly balanced and fully swiveling screen found applications years later as a sales terminal or at consulting counters.

Apple’s cautious approach in integrating displays into their HomePod lineup contrasts with the assertive strides made by competitors like Amazon and Google. As the smart home technology landscape evolves, consumers eagerly await Apple’s entry into the market with a device that combines audio prowess with visual interaction, drawing inspiration from the iconic design heritage of the „Desk Lamp iMac.“ While speculation and experiments hint at what’s possible, only time will tell when Apple will unveil a product that bridges the gap in their smart home ecosystem.
source: https://www.ifun.de/homepod-mit-display-schreibtischlampen-imac-als-design-grundlage-228224/

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