„Latest OS Releases: Submit Your Apps Now!“

### The Gateway to the Latest Innovations: App Submissions Now Open for New OS Updates

The tech landscape is evolving with lightning speed, and at the heart of this evolution are the latest Operating System (OS) releases by Apple. Exciting times are ahead as iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, tvOS 17.4, visionOS 1.1, and watchOS 10.4 are gearing up to dazzle users worldwide. It’s a call to action for all app developers – your opportunity to shine on these new platforms is here.

### Embrace the New with Xcode 15.3

Leveraging the Xcode 15.3 Release Candidate and the latest SDKs, developers now have the tools at their fingertips to create mesmerizing apps and games that are in tune with the newest features and capabilities of these OS updates. With the addition of TestFlight testing, fine-tuning your apps for the perfect user experience has never been more seamless. And for those eager to hit the ground running, iPhone and iPad app submissions are already welcome today.

### Special Attention to EU Developers

In an interesting development for app creators within the European Union, the door is now open for a more diversified app market. By agreeing to the Alternate Terms Addendum, developers gain the freedom to distribute their apps across EU marketplaces and even introduce apps powered by alternative browser engines.

The upcoming public availability of these platform versions brings with it new commission rates and the initiation of annual installs for the Core Technology Fee. Additionally, apps that provide alternative payment options for EU users will find a place in the App Store Connect. Prior to the public rollout, sandbox testing is available for those looking to perfect their offerings.

### Navigating the Digital Markets Act with Apple

The digital space is under consistent scrutiny to ensure fairness and promote competitive environments. With the Digital Markets Act shaping policy in the EU, changes to iOS, Safari, and the App Store are underway to align with these new regulations. Apple is extending an olive branch to developers looking to navigate these changes, offering a 30-minute online consultation with a dedicated Apple team member. For those with ambitions to launch an alternative app marketplace on iOS within the EU, Apple is also facilitating an in-person lab in Cork, Ireland.

### Your Pathway to Success

The beginning of this new chapter for app development is not just about adapting to the latest OS updates but tapping into the expansive potential that these advances bring. For developers, staying ahead means being ready to evolve, innovate, and most importantly, connect with your audience in new ways.

Signing into App Store Connect is your first step towards leveraging these transformative opportunities. Whether it’s exploring the terrain of alternative payment options in the EU, diving into marketplaces with new browser engines, or simply crafting your next app with the latest SDKs, the future is brimming with possibilities. Embrace this moment to not just witness but lead the charge in this new era of digital innovation.
source: https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=11ojrqk9

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