„Linkeeper, the Link Collector, Gets Comprehensive Overhaul in Version 2.0“

### Linkeeper 2.0: A Major Overhaul for the Versatile Bookmark Manager

Last summer, we were introduced to Linkeeper, a versatile Mac application dedicated to managing web bookmarks independently of the browser you use. Fast forward to today, the developer has unveiled version 2.0, showcasing an impressive list of improvements and added features.

#### Linkeeper: A Quick Recap

For those who might not remember, Linkeeper specializes in handling bookmarks. What sets it apart is its ability to work across different applications, allowing users to organize their web bookmarks into custom categories. These can be visually presented with attractive previews and opened in your default web browser with just a click.

#### A Complete Redesign with SwiftUI

Version 2.0 of Linkeeper has seen a complete overhaul, redeveloped from the ground up using Apple’s SwiftUI. This programming foundation has not only streamlined the app’s operation but significantly boosted its overall performance.

#### Enhanced Display Options

One of the notable enhancements in Linkeeper 2 is the expanded display options for your bookmark collection. In addition to the standard grid layout, users can now choose between a list view or a tabular presentation. These new formats offer a more compact look, featuring significantly smaller preview images for a clean, organized aesthetic.

#### Universal App Accessibility

Linkeeper now comes as a Universal App, meaning it’s fully operational on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The app introduces the ability to showcase your bookmark collection through widgets on your desktop, home screen, or in the notification center, offering flexible access across devices.

#### Easy Sharing with macOS

For Mac users, Linkeeper 2.0 adds a sharing extension. This permits the addition of links to your collection directly from any application via the share menu, streamlining the process of bookmark management.

#### Safekeeping with Markdown Export

Perhaps one of the most reassuring updates is the new export feature. Recognizing users‘ concerns about potentially losing access to their collection, Linkeeper now allows for an organized export of your bookmarks in the universally accessible Markdown format. This feature guards against any disruptions, ensuring your collection remains intact regardless of future developments with the app.

Linkeeper remains free to download and use, with the developer offering the option for satisfied users to support ongoing development through various in-app purchases.

For anyone looking for a robust, flexible solution to bookmark management, Linkeeper 2.0 might just be the tool you need—integrating seamlessly across your Apple devices, all while providing an array of user-friendly features to enhance your browsing experience.

[Download Linkeeper for free from the App Store](https://apps.apple.com/app/linkeeper) and discover the convenience of organized, accessible web bookmarks today!
source: https://www.ifun.de/link-sammler-linkeeper-kommt-umfassend-ueberarbeitet-in-version-2-0-228089/

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