Logitech „Snow Days“: Discount on Mice and Keyboards

### Logitech’s „Snow Days“: Big Discounts on Mice and Keyboards

Don’t ask us why Logitech decided to call their latest hardware sale „Snow Days.“ As we bask in the glory of spring weather, it’s hard to connect the dots. However, we’re here not to ponder the choice of name but to dive into the discounts available as part of this special promotion.

Before any disappointment sets in, it’s important to note that the Logitech MX Master 3S, a staple in the current lineup of computer mice, hasn’t seen a price cut in this sale. We introduced this top-tier model about a year and a half ago. To enjoy its benefits, you’ll still need to shell out approximately 100 Euros.

Speaking of „shell out,“ if you opt for the white version of these mice, take extra care with regular cleaning. Input devices already demand a level of maintenance, but this becomes even more crucial to avoid discoloration in areas where the device is frequently handled.

However, more budget-friendly options are available, such as the simpler MX Anywhere 3. We don’t particularly recommend this model due to its lack of the more user-friendly, ergonomic shape found in the Master series. A better alternative might be the Logitech Lift, available for 52 Euros. We covered its launch, highlighting its ergonomic „tower shape“ design for those who struggle with traditional hand positioning when using a computer.

### Keyboards and Webcams on Discount Too

The „Snow Days“ sale isn’t limited to Logitech mice; several keyboards from the manufacturer have seen price reductions as well. For instance, the Logitech K480, an enduring favorite for iPad users, is currently priced at just 28 Euros. The compact wireless MX Keys Mini keyboard, in its Mac version, is going for 73 Euros.

Additionally, the sale page features other items, including Combo Touch Keyboard cases for the iPad and various webcam models, headsets, and even a speaker set, all at discounted prices.

So while the „Snow Days“ name might not perfectly match the season, the deals offered are timely for anyone looking to upgrade their home office or computing setup. From ergonomic mice to versatile keyboards, Logitech’s promotion presents a prime opportunity to invest in quality peripherals without breaking the bank.
source: https://www.ifun.de/logitech-snow-days-preisnachlass-fuer-maeuse-und-tastaturen-227638/

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