Mac App Contexts: Easy and Fast Window Switching

### Streamline Your Window Management on Mac with Contexts App

Switching between applications on a Mac is a breeze with the Command-Tab shortcut, but have you ever felt limited by its inability to navigate through individual windows of each program? For users seeking more precision in their app navigation, there’s a solution that goes beyond the default capabilities of macOS.

Traditionally, the Command-Tab shortcut toggles between open applications but does not provide direct access to each program’s individual windows. This general approach to app switching might suffice for some users, but those desiring finer control over their workflow have had to look for alternatives.

### Enter AltTab and Contexts

For a while now, users in search of a more detailed navigation tool have turned to the free software AltTab, which takes a page out of Microsoft Windows‘ playbook by offering a straightforward way to switch between open program windows. However, AltTab isn’t the only player in the game.

One of the more impressive solutions for macOS is an application called Contexts. This tool promises to make the navigation between open windows on your Mac not just possible but also more efficient. Contexts is available for purchase as a one-time buy and offers a two-week trial period with no restrictions. Once installed, it immediately takes over the Command-Tab shortcut.

Unlike the default macOS application switcher, Contexts lists all open program windows, allowing users to swiftly navigate and select them using arrow keys, mouse clicks, or additional keyboard shortcuts.

### Enhancements for an Improved Workflow

Contexts also introduces a supplementary dock located on the right side of your screen, displaying all active program windows. Initially, only the program icons are visible, but the dock reveals more information about the available windows as you hover the mouse pointer over it.

Furthermore, Contexts comes equipped with a Quick Search feature (activated using Control+Space), letting users quickly locate and bring up specific windows by typing displayed shortcuts. It also provides options to sort windows by relevance, workspace, or screen, enhancing the user’s ability to organize their workflow.

### Give It a Try

To get a good feel for what Contexts has to offer, we recommend visiting the application developers‘ website for a detailed presentation. Afterwards, take advantage of the free trial to see how well Contexts integrates into your daily routine.

If you find Contexts beneficial, the individual license is reasonably priced at twelve dollars.

A heartfelt thanks to Frobisch for the tip!

In a digital era where efficiency and speed are key, applications like Contexts are revolutionizing the way we interact with our technology, offering a more tailored and user-friendly approach to managing our digital workspace. Whether you’re a power user constantly juggling multiple applications or someone who appreciates a streamlined process for everyday tasks, Contexts might just be the tool you need to enhance your productivity on a Mac.

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