Microsoft: Xbox Cloud Gaming for iOS Not Realistic

### The Future of Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS Looks Uncertain

In the arena of digital marketplaces within the European Union, Apple announced last month a series of adjustments required by the Digital Markets Act. Among these adjustments, there’s a particularly interesting prospect for developers: the ability to offer streaming services for gaming as well as apps that provide access to various mini-apps and games. This opens up new possibilities for cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, it seems that for iOS users hoping to see Xbox Cloud Gaming available on the App Store any time soon, the wait will be longer than anticipated.

According to Microsoft, the concessions made by Apple so far aren’t enough to make Xbox Cloud Gaming a viable option on iOS devices. In an interview with The Verge, Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, expressed that Apple’s current plans do not meet the requirements for economically successful operation of Xbox Cloud Gaming as an iOS app.

Further highlighting the complexity of this situation, Sarah Bond, a leading figure at Xbox, has labeled Apple’s announcements as a step in the wrong direction. Nonetheless, Microsoft is keen on continuing its collaboration with legislators, Apple, and Google to establish a foundation for alternative app distribution platforms on mobile devices. But for the time being, this means an official iOS app for Xbox Cloud Gaming remains out of reach.

### Microsoft’s Surprise for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Owners

On a brighter note for gamers, Microsoft has a surprise in store for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch owners. The company has announced plans to release four games, previously exclusive to Xbox, for these platforms. Although Microsoft has yet to unveil which games will be crossing the platform boundaries, the titles “Hi-Fi Rush,” “Pentiment,” “Sea of Thieves,” and “Grounded” are currently the subjects of speculation.

This bold move is part of a strategic shift by Microsoft aiming to expand its gaming business beyond the confines of Xbox hardware. The company significantly increased its presence in the game development sector with the acquisition of industry titan Activision Blizzard last year. By making these Xbox-exclusive games available on other platforms, Microsoft is not only broadening its audience but also showcasing a commitment to accessible gaming for all.

The journey of Xbox Cloud Gaming towards becoming accessible on iOS devices may be fraught with obstacles, but Microsoft’s innovative strategies continue to influence the gaming industry’s landscape. As collaborations and negotiations progress, the future might hold more surprises for gamers across all platforms.

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