Monitor and Track Time Spent on Apps and Websites with ScreenTime+

### Discover ScreenTime+: A Sophisticated Time-Tracking App for Mac

In our fast-paced digital world, managing screen time has become a crucial aspect of our daily routines, more so for professionals and freelancers who rely heavily on apps and websites for their tasks. Enter ScreenTime+, a pioneering Mac application designed to offer a comprehensive solution to this challenge.

ScreenTime+ positions itself as a superior alternative to Apple’s native Screen Time feature, seamlessly integrating into your Mac’s menu bar to provide real-time insights into how much time you’re spending across different applications and websites. This innovative tool is not just about monitoring; it’s about empowering users to take control and make informed decisions about their digital habits.

#### A Tool for Self-regulation and Productivity

One of the core functionalities of ScreenTime+ is its ability to help users scrutinize and possibly reconsider their app and website usage patterns. Whether you’re trying to cut down on social media consumption, manage distractions, or just become more mindful about your online presence, ScreenTime+ serves as your personal digital gatekeeper.

Furthermore, for professionals working from home or freelancers juggling multiple projects, ScreenTime+ is a godsend. The application aids in accurately tracking work hours, allowing for a precise allocation of time to various projects. This feature is indispensable for billing purposes and enhances productivity by highlighting potential time sinks.

#### Designed by a Developer, for Everyone

The inception of ScreenTime+ stems from the developer’s own need for a more robust time-tracking solution. Prioritizing ease of access through the menu bar and detailed logging of website visits, the app supports popular web browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Arc. This wide compatibility ensures that no matter your preference, ScreenTime+ has got you covered.

Looking ahead, the developer is open to integrating more advanced features that are not available in Apple’s Screen Time app. User feedback is highly encouraged, reflecting ScreenTime+’s commitment to evolving based on its users‘ needs. The name itself, playing on Apple’s terminology, symbolizes its ambition to offer an extended suite of functionalities.

ScreenTime+ is available for a nominal fee of $5 (or willingly more) via Gumroad, making it an accessible tool for users keen on enhancing their digital workflows.

### Exploring Alternatives: Daily’s Digital Timesheets

For individuals seeking a different approach to time management, the Mac application Daily offers an intriguing solution. Unlike ScreenTime+, Daily does not automatically track app usage. Instead, it focuses on capturing complete working hours for projects. By periodically asking users about their current activities, Daily generates detailed digital time sheets—perfect for managing project timelines and meeting deadlines.

Recently updated to version 1.22.16, Daily is free to download from the Mac App Store, with a one-week trial period. Post-trial, users can opt for a yearly subscription of €30, a one-time purchase of €60, or access through the Setapp subscription service at no extra cost.

In conclusion, whether you choose ScreenTime+ for its real-time tracking capabilities or Daily for its project-focused time sheets, both applications offer unique solutions to boost your productivity and manage your digital life more effectively. With technology seamlessly integrated into our daily activities, tools like these are becoming indispensable for professionals looking to optimize their time and resources.

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