Narwal Freo X: Cleaning Robot with Powerful 8,200 Pa Suction Power

**Introducing Narwal Freo X: A Cutting-Edge Cleaning Robot with Powerful 8200 Pa Suction**

In the ever-evolving world of home robotics, Narwal has created a niche for itself by focusing on quality over quantity. Unlike other brands that offer a plethora of models, Narwal has concentrated its efforts on refining and perfecting a single model, the Narwal Freo, since its market entry last year. Summer 2023 saw the introduction of its successor, the Narwal Freo X, a second-generation robot that promises not just an update but a significant upgrade in home cleaning technology.

**The Next Generation: Narwal Freo X**

The Narwal Freo X, launched in the summer of 2023, is not just one of the most aesthetically pleasing robotic vacuums on the market, but it’s also a powerhouse of innovation, especially in wet cleaning your living spaces. Accompanied by a compact base station, the Freo X focuses primarily on mopping rather than just vacuuming.

**Step into the Future with Touchscreen and App Integration**

Narwal Freo X sets a new standard with several improvements that not only keep it up-to-date but also allow it to surpass its competitors in various aspects. One of the unique features of its base station is its focus on cleaning the rotating mops, managing fresh and wastewater, but notably not concerning itself with the robot’s dust compartment.

**Innovative Staubkompression Technology**

Diverging from the trend of self-emptying dust tanks, Narwal Freo X compresses collected dust with a formidable 8200 Pa suction power, allowing it to store dust for up to two months before manual intervention is needed. While the robot offers optional one-time use dust bags for convenience, we believe in the sustainability and efficiency of its 1-liter reusable dust tank that captures almost all dirt and pet hair.

**Highlight: Wet Cleaning Functionality**

Narwal Freo X’s primary focus is on wet cleaning, equipped with a 4.5-liter fresh water tank and numerous innovations enhancing its cleaning capabilities. Its rotating mops exert a pressure of 12 N, scrubbing floors more effectively than many competitors. The robot’s unique triangle-shaped mops ensure no streak remains unchecked.

**Intelligent Dirt Recognition and Cleaning Adaptation**

Narwal Freo X employs intelligent technologies like the Dirt Module for automatic dirt detection, which influences the intensity and duration of cleaning. The amount of detergent used, supplied in Narwal’s specialized cleaning bottles, is also determined by the robot’s dirt recognition system. This ensures not just floor cleaning but also self-cleaning of the robot and its station.

**EdgeSwing: Precision in Every Corner**

The Narwal Freo X boasts a special edge cleaning feature, ensuring no space is left untouched along walls and baseboards, though it might extend the duration of cleaning routines.

**Slow and Steady Wins the Race**

While Narwal Freo X might take longer to clean compared to its peers, like the Roborock S7, it compensates with several standout features that enhance its performance and user experience:

– 8200 Pa suction power
– 5000 mAh battery offering a 3.5-hour runtime covering 260 m²
– Enhanced edge cleaning with „EdgeSwing“
– Automatic mop cleaning and drying
– Dry dust tank function
– Compatible with Google, Alexa, and Siri for seamless control

**Available from March 13, 2024**

Mark your calendars for March 13th, 2024, as the Narwal Freo X will be available on for a list price of 1199 Euros. To celebrate its launch, early birds can take advantage of a coupon campaign, securing the Freo X for just 959 Euros.

Narwal Freo X represents a leap towards the future of home cleaning, combining aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. Whether you prioritize vacuuming efficiency or comprehensive wet cleaning, Narwal’s latest offering is designed to meet and exceed expectations in maintaining a clean and welcoming home environment.

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