„Neuromancer“ series to be released on Apple TV+: Everything you need to know!

### Apple TV+ to Launch „Neuromancer“ Series: A Glimpse into the Future

Apple has made a groundbreaking announcement that is set to captivate science fiction enthusiasts worldwide. A series adaptation of the iconic „Neuromancer“ is officially coming to Apple TV+. The show, based on William Gibson’s pioneering science fiction novel, is slated to include an initial run of ten episodes. Apple has successfully enlisted industry heavyweights Graham Roland (known for „Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,“ „Mile 22,“ „Dark Winds“) and JD Dillard („Devotion,“ „Sleight“) to steer this ambitious project.

At the heart of the award-winning source material is Case, a disgraced super hacker, and his partner Molly, a mercenary assassin. Together, they wage a formidable battle against AI entities and corrupt corporations. Gibson’s novel, first published in 1984, depicted a dystopian future shaped by artificial intelligence and virtual reality—a vision that, in certain aspects, mirrors elements of our current reality.

„Neuromancer“ is revered as one of the seminal and most respected works within the cyberpunk genre and marks the beginning of Gibson’s Neuromancer Trilogy. The series also includes the novels „Count Zero“ (published as „Biochips“ in German) and „Mona Lisa Overdrive.“

However, Apple has yet to reveal when „Neuromancer“ will enrich the sci-fi lineup on Apple TV+.

### Upcoming Releases: „Dick Turpin“ and „The Bloody Hundred“

Turning our attention to more imminent releases, Apple has provided concrete details regarding „The Adventures of Dick Turpin“ and „The Bloody Hundred.“ New trailers for these eagerly awaited titles are now available on YouTube, stirring excitement among fans.

„Dick Turpin“ is set to premiere this Friday. This comedy series narrates the tales of the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin, who becomes the leader of a band of outlaws through his escapades.

Apple has once again secured the talents of Tom Hanks for „The Bloody Hundred.“ This documentary, starting March 15th on Apple TV+, chronicles the lives of a group of World War II pilots, providing insight into their heroic ventures.

With these new releases, Apple TV+ continues to expand its content library, offering a wide range of narratives that cater to diverse viewer interests. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the cyberpunk genre eagerly awaiting „Neuromancer“ or someone keen on historical narratives and comedic adventures, Apple TV+ has something exciting in store for you.
source: https://www.ifun.de/neuromancer-kommt-als-serie-auf-apple-tv-228427/

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