OBSBOT Tail Air: Webcam App Evolves into OBSBOT Center for Mac

**Exploring the Innovative OBSBOT Tail Air: A Breakthrough in Streaming and Video Production**

The world of video content creation, live streaming, and online conferencing has just witnessed a significant leap forward with the introduction of the OBSBOT Tail Air. This high-end, battery-operated PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera is designed with videographers, streamers, event coordinators, and panel discussion hosts in mind. Beyond its hardware controllers and mobile app for setting up the camera, the inclusion of a Mac application, now known as OBSBOT Center, elevates user interaction by offering access to all essential settings in German UI, complete with automatic direction and zoom control capabilities.

### OBSBOT Center for macOS: A New Era of Convenience

Previously recognized as the OBSBOT WebCam app, OBSBOT Center emerges with a new identity and enhanced functionalities ready for download. Compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur and later versions, OBSBOT Center introduces a free companion download that revolutionizes how creators can interact with their OBSBOT Tail Air camera.

### The OBSBOT Tail Air: A New Streaming Camera for Media Creators

Currently available in version, the OBSBOT Center app transforms the Tail Air camera into a virtual camera compatible with macOS, including the latest Sonoma update. This opens up a world of possibilities for its use across various video chat applications such as FaceTime and Zoom, ensuring high-quality video presentations every time.

The MacOS application offers a comprehensive suite of features including remote control capabilities, live preview, the ability to activate multiple video effects, and tweak their intensity as desired. It also provides foundational settings that adjust the camera’s behavior, such as selecting the type of tracking (faces, people, animals, or groups) and determining the speed at which these subjects are kept in focus.

Users can dive into the application to toggle HDR functionality, choose between face-centric or scene-wide autofocus, set exposure sensitivity limits, and adjust white balance, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color settings. Moreover, OBSBOT Center enhances video production with real-time facial and body retouching, offering skin smoothing, figure slimming, and subtle face alterations.

### Adding to Your Tech Arsenal: OBSBOT Tail Air

The OBSBOT Tail Air stands out not only for its cutting-edge video capturing capabilities but also for its AI-driven tracking, gesture controls, and the versatility of NDI, HDMI, and USB-C connectivity. Priced at EUR 579.00, it’s a worthwhile investment for those serious about elevating their video content creation or live streaming setups.

The OBSBOT Tail Air exemplifies the future of video production, with its blend of innovative features and the seamless integration offered by the OBSBOT Center for Mac. Whether for professional gatherings, creative endeavors, or enhancing online communication, this camera sets a new standard for quality and convenience in the digital age.

Discover more about how OBSBOT Tail Air can revolutionize your video production by watching it in action [insert video link here]. With its promise of delivering unparalleled video quality and intuitive control, the OBSBOT Tail Air is set to become an indispensable tool for creators and communicators across the globe.

*Note: Pricing and availability are subject to change.
source: https://www.ifun.de/obsbot-tail-air-webcam-app-wird-zu-obsbot-center-fuer-mac-227863/

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