„OnlySwitch switches can now be placed as widgets – What’s new?“

### OnlySwitch: A New Dimension to Your Mac’s Menu Bar and Widgets

The ever-evolving landscape of macOS tools has seen a remarkable addition with the advancement of OnlySwitch, a Mac app that has seamlessly transitioned from a modest menu bar utility into a comprehensive toolset for macOS functionalities. The app, created by Munich-based developer Jack Landrin, recently celebrated the launch of version 2.5.0. This update notably introduces the support for macOS widgets, adding a new layer of convenience and customization for its users.

### OnlySwitch Enters the Widget Scene

Upon updating to the latest version of OnlySwitch, users will find the app listed among their macOS widget options. Integrating OnlySwitch as a widget can be effortlessly accomplished by navigating to the ‚Edit Widgets‘ section at the bottom of the Notification Center, or by selecting this option through a right-click on the desktop, depending on desired placement. The flexibility of OnlySwitch is further highlighted by its ability to activate multiple widgets simultaneously, each configurable with distinct settings.

Customizing what specific function a new OnlySwitch widget will perform is a straightforward process. Users can determine the widget’s role via a menu on the widget’s reverse side, where all the switches present in the menu bar app are accessible for widget operation.

### A Cost-Effective Solution with Powerful Features

What sets OnlySwitch apart from similar applications, such as One Switch, is its free availability. This attribute makes OnlySwitch an appealing choice for users looking for a robust multifunction tool without the financial commitment. Those wishing to support the dedicated developer can consider sponsoring the app through GitHub.

At present, OnlySwitch supports the display of 35 different switches via the menu bar, covering a wide range of functionalities from desktop and Finder operations to launching internet radio, Spotify, or Apple Music. In addition, the developer has incorporated a thorough integration of shortcuts into the application. OnlySwitch is also fully localized in German, making it even more accessible to a wide audience. Users interested in leveraging this powerful tool can download it through the project’s GitHub page.

### Concluding Thoughts

The evolution of OnlySwitch represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the macOS user experience through convenient access to a plethora of functionalities directly from the menu bar or as widgets. Its cost-free availability, combined with a rich feature set, positions OnlySwitch as a compelling option for users seeking to optimize their Mac’s capabilities. As the application continues to develop, it will undoubtedly attract a larger user base eager to explore its full potential.
source: https://www.ifun.de/onlyswitch-schalter-lassen-sich-jetzt-auch-als-widgets-platzieren-228244/

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