Philips Hue: Bridge Backups and Multiple Bridges per System Introduced

### Philips Hue to Introduce Bridge Backups and Multi-Bridge Management

Philips Hue, a market-leading name in smart lighting, is gearing up to roll out significant improvements to its system this year. Topping the list of enhancements is an overhaul in the handling of Hue Bridges, introducing not only a much-anticipated backup function but also the ability to manage multiple Bridges within a single Philips Hue ecosystem.

Since the beginning of the year, buzz has been building around Philips Hue’s plans to finally offer a means for users to create backup copies of their Bridge configurations. This forthcoming feature is a game-changer, enabling users to easily restore their original Hue hub setup in the event of hardware failure due to defects, or even software glitches. Previously, users facing such issues had to undergo the tedious process of setting up their entire system from scratch.

#### Multiple Bridges, One System

One of the more notable upgrades in the pipeline, as disclosed on the Philips Hue website in the section about user accounts, is the ability to add multiple Bridges to a system. This advancement will facilitate better organization across different locations, like separate houses or apartments.

Although the Philips Hue app currently allows for the management of multiple Bridges, they operate as independent systems, requiring users to connect with each Bridge individually to control the Philips-Hue-connected products. The update aims to streamline this process, giving users the ability to access different lighting hubs from a central point.

Signify, the giant behind Philips Hue, has yet to commit to a specific release date for these updates. While users are eager for more concrete timelines, the Philips Hue website vaguely mentions that these features are expected to „arrive in 2024“.

These forthcoming enhancements reflect Philips Hue’s commitment to improving user experience and addressing customer feedback. As we await more details, it’s clear that Philips Hue is set to further cement its position as a leader in the smart lighting industry, providing users with more flexibility and control over their smart lighting systems.

Stay tuned for more updates as Philips Hue continues to innovate and enhance its offerings, making smart lighting more accessible and customizable than ever before.

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