Photomator 3.3 integrates file browser for Mac

### Photomator 3.3 Brings File Browser Integration to Mac Users

Photomator, a beloved image editing application, has recently uplifted its experience for Mac users with the release of its 3.3 version. The highlight of this update is undeniably the addition of an integrated file browser. This new feature allows users to easily display and utilize image files that are not stored within Apple’s native Photos app.

The file browser seamlessly integrates into Photomator’s sidebar, offering users the convenience of adding their desired image sources via drag and drop. This feature isn’t limited to individual directories; users can add entire drives or memory cards that are connected to the Mac, expanding the app’s versatility.

### Simplifying Image Management

This integration is more than just a new feature; it’s a game-changer for image management and workflow acceleration. Users no longer need to open an image to apply repetitive workflows or specific tasks. Instead, these processes can be efficiently managed directly from the thumbnail overview, streamlining the user’s experience.

Photomator now fully integrates with the Mac’s filesystem, enabling users to create multiple variants of a photo—all based on the original image. This approach avoids the unnecessary consumption of triple storage space for edited variants.

### Free Trial and Pricing Options

For those eager to explore Photomator 3.3 and its new capabilities, the app offers a free trial period. The compelling six-minute video embedded above dives into the plethora of features and opportunities this update brings to the table. However, to continue enjoying Photomator in its entirety after the seven-day trial, users will need to consider one of the available purchasing options.

Photomator offers both subscription and lifetime license options. Users can opt for a monthly subscription at €5.49 or an annual subscription at €34.99. For those who prefer a one-time purchase, the developers currently offer a lifetime license at a discounted price of €79.99, amounting to a 33% saving.

### Conclusion

With its latest update, Photomator 3.3 has significantly enhanced its functionality on the Mac. By integrating a file browser directly within the app, managing and editing images from various sources has never been easier. The flexibility in pricing allows both casual and professional users to find an option that suits their needs, making Photomator a standout choice for Mac-based image editing.

Discover the new era of image editing convenience with Photomator 3.3, and transform your photos with ease and efficiency.

[Download Photomator from the App Store](#) (Free+, in-app purchases available)

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