Price Restructuring: will be more affordable but with longer commitment

# The Latest Change in Rates: Cheaper Plans but with Longer Commitment

In the world of TV streaming services, has recently undertaken a significant transformation in its tariff structure, making its comprehensive access package more affordable for viewers. The subscription cost for the extensive access, previously set at €12.99, has been reduced to €9.99. However, this reduction in price comes with a catch – a decrease in flexibility for consumers.

## A Dive into the Perfect Plus Package

The Perfect Plus package, known for its inclusion of Pay-TV content, media libraries, the ability to stream on four devices simultaneously, and various convenience features offered by, is now available at the new lower price. Nevertheless, those wishing to take advantage of this offer will need to commit to a 24-month subscription period. In today’s fast-paced streaming age, this long-term commitment might seem somewhat out of touch.

## Potential Savings with a Long-Term Commitment

For customers confident in their long-term usage of (with a nod to the cost-saving opportunity), there’s a chance to save over €70 throughout the subscription period. It’s worth noting, however, that proactive calendar management is advised. After the initial 24 months, the subscription automatically transitions to the regular Perfect Plus tariff, reverting to the standard rate of €12.99 per month.

## A Look at the Perfect Plus Tariff

The Perfect Plus tariff offers access to over 260 TV channels, covering all major broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF, RTL, and ProSieben. Impressively, 246 of these channels are available in HD quality. also highlights its provision of more than 60 premium channels, which often come with additional fees on other platforms in the German market. Subscribers also gain access to the „waiputhek“ and up to 100 hours of recording storage space.

The new 24-month subscription plan is a permanent addition to’s tariff portfolio and can be compared with the provider’s other offerings on their website. features apps for iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon’s Fire TV, and can also be accessed via web browsers.

Recently, introduced a yearly subscription offer, which included an additional TV stick for the television, priced at €60.

## Exploring the New Offers

The latest offers from mark a significant move towards providing more affordable access to quality TV streaming services. Despite the longer commitment period, the savings and comprehensive package make it an attractive option for many. For a deeper understanding and comparison of available plans, visit’s online portal and explore how this streaming service might fit your entertainment needs.

To learn more about and explore its live TV streaming offerings, check out the app on the App Store, available as a free download with in-app purchases.

Stay tuned to for the latest in TV streaming, where quality entertainment meets remarkable convenience and affordability.

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