„Proton Drive now with 5 GB free and up to 3 TB of storage space“

### Proton Drive Now Offers 5 GB for Free and Up to 3 TB of Storage Space

Swiss-based Proton is stepping up its game by expanding its free storage offering. Until now, users with a free account had to make do with one gigabyte of online storage space on Proton’s cloud storage service, Proton Drive. However, free accounts now come with 5 GB of storage included.

Proton Drive has been accessible through a native Mac application since last year’s end. Additionally, users can access their data stored on Proton’s servers not only via a web interface but also through dedicated applications for iOS and Android devices, as well as an app for Windows computers.

Proton emphasizes the privacy protection of data stored on Proton Drive. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, Proton assures that nobody, not even the provider itself, can access the data stored on Proton Drive. Detailed information about this security concept can be found on Proton’s website. Furthermore, to allow for independent verification, the source code for all Proton applications is made publicly available.

### Paid Packages Up to 3 TB of Storage Space

Proton aims to generate revenue with its offerings. Users who need more online storage space than the free 5 GB can opt for one of the available paid packages. The largest package now offers a whopping 3 TB of storage space for monthly prices of 23.99 euros. Other options include 200 GB for 3.99 euros per month and 500 GB for 9.99 euros per month. These prices apply to annual subscriptions, and the two biggest options are Proton’s Unlimited packages, which include all of the provider’s apps.

### Proton Pass Now Significantly Cheaper

In addition to its storage service, Proton also offers separate services for email, an online calendar, and a password manager. The price for the Plus subscription of the password manager Proton Pass has been significantly reduced. Previously costing 4.99 euros, the „Pass Plus“ option now costs only 1.99 euros per month.

This expansion of free storage space and the introduction of more affordable pricing plans underscore Proton’s commitment to privacy-focused services. At the same time, these changes make Proton Drive and Proton’s other services more competitive in the crowded market of cloud services. Whether you’re concerned about privacy or just looking for a reliable cloud storage solution, Proton Drive’s new offerings present an attractive option.
source: https://www.ifun.de/proton-drive-jetzt-mit-5-gb-gratis-und-maximal-3-tb-speicherplatz-227930/

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