SOLIX F3800 with 3.84 kWh: Anker’s 60 kg heavy backup battery launches

### Anker Launches the SOLIX F3800: A Portable Powerhouse for Your Emergency Needs

In an era where reliable power is more crucial than ever, Anker’s solar energy-focused brand SOLIX has stepped up with an innovative solution. The SOLIX F3800, a heavy-duty portable power station, made its debut at the CES electronics fair in January and has now officially entered the German market. Priced similarly to the Apple Vision Pro, the SOLIX F3800 is launching with a special offer that makes it an even more enticing addition to any tech enthusiast’s arsenal.

#### The Making of the SOLIX F3800

Kickstarter played a pivotal role in bringing the SOLIX F3800 to life. With the support of over 1,500 backers contributing more than five million US dollars, SOLIX successfully transformed its vision into a tangible product. This substantial financial backing underscores the growing demand for reliable, portable power solutions in today’s technology-driven world.

#### Power Where You Need It

Boasting an impressive capacity of 3.84 kilowatt-hours and offering output powers up to 6,000 watts, the SOLIX F3800 stands ready to meet a broad range of energy needs. Furthermore, the system’s scalability is a feature worth noting. With the ability to connect up to six SOLIX BP3800 expansion batteries, users can boost the system’s total capacity to an astonishing 26.9 kWh. This capability ensures that whether you’re camping, working remotely, or preparing for emergencies, you have access to the power you need when you need it.

#### A Connectivity Powerhouse

The F3800 isn’t just about raw power. It’s also about smart, user-friendly features. With connectivity options including five Schuko sockets, a 12-volt socket, three USB-C ports (each offering 100 watts of output), an electric vehicle charging port, and two USB-A ports, it’s equipped to handle a wide array of devices. Additionally, the inclusion of an app interface and the option for solar inputs up to 2,400 watts showcases SOLIX’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

#### Built to Last and Easy to Use

Despite its hefty 60 kilograms, the F3800’s design incorporates wheels for better portability. Its dimensions (70.2 cm x 38.8 cm x 39.5 cm) ensure that while it’s big on power, it’s reasonably compact. Charging is straightforward as well; a full recharge takes just 90 minutes via a regular socket.

The SOLIX F3800 and its expansion battery, the SOLIX BP3800, represent a significant leap forward in portable power technology, marrying convenience with high performance. Customers can find these products on Anker’s website and Amazon, ready for immediate delivery.

#### In Summary

As we navigate a world where power continuity can no longer be taken for granted, solutions like the SOLIX F3800 offer more than just convenience—they offer peace of mind. Whether it’s for home backup, outdoor adventures, or a professional setting, Anker’s new powerhouse is a testament to what modern technology can achieve in our quest for energy independence. Priced at €3,699 for the main unit and €2,499 for each expansion battery, it’s an investment in security, flexibility, and sustainability.

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