Special Discount on Apple Pencil and AirPods Pro 2 at eBay Tech Sale

### eBay Tech Sale: Special Discounts on Apple Pencil and AirPods Pro 2

Are you searching for a bargain on the Apple Pencil? eBay might have just what you’re looking for. In a recent deal spotlighted by Saturn, the Apple Pencil USB-C is available for just €85.50, while the first-generation Apple Pencil is going for €89.10. However, there are a couple of crucial points to note about this offer, which we’ll explore further down.

Unpredictability surrounds the duration of these deals and the stock levels. Since this morning, we’ve noticed that the quantity of available units remains largely static, albeit with occasional fluctuations both up and down.

Additionally, to capitalize on these deals, you must apply the promo code TECHNIK24 at checkout. This activates an extra 10 percent discount, bringing you to the aforementioned prices.

When it comes to the Apple Pencil, most are familiar with its capabilities. The USB-C model represents the latest iteration of the iPad’s drawing tool. It’s important, however, to understand the differences in functionality and compatibility across the three Apple Pencil models before making a purchase.

#### More Tech Discounts, Including AirPods and Beyond

eBay’s tech sale doesn’t stop at drawing tools. A wide array of products, including various Apple items like the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C Case, are also available with an additional 10 percent discount. For instance, MediaMarkt is offering these at a final price of €215.10.

The 10 percent promotion is set to run until March 6th. With this in mind, it’s quite likely that retailers like MediaMarkt and Saturn may replenish their stock throughout the sale.

As a shopper, it’s important to understand that the promotion caps off at a maximum discount of €50 per purchase. Thus, for any product listed above €500, the discount percentage effectively drops below 10 percent. Furthermore, eBay has limited the total number of discounted purchases. Each eBay account can use the TECHNIK24 promo code up to two times.

Whether you’ve been eyeing the seamless functionality of the Apple Pencil for your creative projects or the unparalleled sound quality of the AirPods Pro 2, this eBay tech sale presents a perfect opportunity to upgrade your gadgets at a fraction of the cost. Remember, deals like these are fleeting and contingent on stock levels, so acting fast is key to securing these coveted tech items at a discount.
source: https://www.ifun.de/technik-aktion-bei-ebay-apple-pencil-und-airpods-pro-2-mit-sonderrabatt-228131/

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