Special Price for Microsoft Office and WISO Tax for Mac and PC

# Super Savings: Microsoft Office and WISO Tax Software for Mac and PC!

In today’s bustling digital age, productivity tools and tax software have become essentials for both personal and professional spheres. For Mac and PC users looking to enhance their productivity or update their tax solutions, there are currently some fantastic deals on Microsoft 365 and WISO Tax Software that should not be overlooked.

## Microsoft 365 Deals You Can’t Miss!

Microsoft 365, the comprehensive suite of productivity tools that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, is available at a special price for a limited time. Whether you’re a single user or need a family plan, there’s an offer for you.

### For Single Users: Microsoft 365 Single 12 + 5

The most affordable option for individual users is the Microsoft 365 Single package, which is now priced at just €49.99 for 15 months. This boils down to a monthly cost of €3.33. An added bonus for purchasers of this package is a limited-time license for either Norton 360 Deluxe or McAfee. Given that many Mac users may not utilize these security packages, they might end up not using this aspect of the offer.

### For Families: Microsoft 365 Family 12 + 5 and a 27-Month Special

Families looking for a Microsoft 365 license should consider the Microsoft 365 Family 12 + 5 option, currently priced at €56.99, translating to €3.80 per month. Similar to the Single package, this deal also includes Norton or McAfee as a free add-on.

Alternatively, there’s an even better value deal for families – Microsoft 365 Family available for 27 months at a discounted rate of €104.99. This comes to a monthly cost of €3.90, slightly more than the 15-month option but provides peace of mind for over two years. The Microsoft 365 Family license can be used by up to six individual users, each with 1TB of cloud storage on Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 packages offer the flexibility to use essential productivity programs across various devices, including Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

## WISO Tax 2024 Now Available at a Discount in the Mac App Store

Switching gears to tax software, WISO Tax 2024, the go-to software for your 2023 tax returns, is currently on sale in the Mac App Store. While discounts on this app are rare, you can now purchase it for €24.99, a reduction from the usual price of €29.99.

Whether you’re managing personal finances, preparing for tax season, or collaborating on projects across devices, these deals on Microsoft 365 and WISO Tax Software offer significant value. Consider upgrading your digital toolset today and streamline your productivity and tax preparation processes.

Happy saving and productive working!
source: https://www.ifun.de/microsoft-office-und-wiso-steuer-fuer-mac-und-pc-zum-sonderpreis-227924/

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