Suddenly Reversed: Apple to Take 30 Percent Stake in Donations

### Apple’s Sudden Decision Sparks Controversy: Demands 30% Cut from Donations

In a recent and unexpected turn of events, Apple has decided to claim a 30% fee from donations made via the meditation application Insight Timer. This case highlights the ongoing tensions between app developers and Apple’s control over the App Store, underscoring the necessity for legal frameworks that protect developers. These frameworks are gradually being introduced with the implementation of new European digital laws.

#### The Insight Timer Case: A Cautionary Tale

Insight Timer, a popular meditation app, has become a notable example of the challenges developers face in the Apple App Store. With nearly 50 updates since its launch, the situation exemplifies how developers are at the mercy of Apple’s whimsical decisions. These decisions can significantly impact the revenue and future viability of applications hosted on the App Store.

Christopher Plowman, CEO of the company behind Insight Timer, is currently voicing his concerns over Apple’s sudden policy change. The app has offered a donation function for almost 50 updates, allowing meditation participants to donate money to their favorite teachers. However, Apple has now deemed this unacceptable.

#### Redefining Donations as „Digital Content“

At the end of last year, Apple’s app review team decided that the donation function would henceforth be considered a purchase of „digital content.“ As a result, these transactions are now subject to the standard commission rates.

Plowman has meticulously adhered to Apple’s guidelines, ensuring that 100% of the donations reach the meditation teachers directly, with the app’s revenue being derived solely from subscriptions offered within the app. In 2023, Insight Timer generated approximately $20 million from these subscriptions, dutifully paying Apple its 30% cut.

However, reports from startup news outlet Techcrunch suggest that Apple now wants a 30% share of the app’s donation revenue, which amounts to roughly one hundred thousand euros per month.

Apple has not commented on the issue when questioned. This situation raises concerns about the power dynamics in the App Store and the need for legal boundaries that protect the interests of developers. As Europe moves forward with new digital legislation, the hope is that developers like those behind Insight Timer will find a more supportive and predictable environment to innovate and thrive.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ongoing discussions about digital marketplace fairness and the balance of power between platform owners and content creators. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too must the rules that govern it, ensuring a healthy ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

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