„Ten Years of Prime Video: Here Are the New ‚Highlight Projects'“

### Celebrating Ten Years of Prime Video: A Glimpse into the Future with New „Highlight Projects“

This year marks a decade since Amazon’s video streaming service, Prime Video, began offering a diverse array of series, films, and live sports broadcasts to its viewers. To commemorate this milestone, Prime Video has unveiled a series of new „highlight projects“ that promise to captivate audiences with their unique blend of entertainment. Among these projects, viewers can look forward to a prequel series to „Dinner for One,“ the reality show „Lights Out“ hosted by Steven Gätjen, „Dinner Club“ with Andreas Caminada, and a Halloween special of „LOL: Last One Laughing.“

### A Closer Look at the Upcoming Highlights

Prime Video’s anniversary celebration introduces an array of eagerly anticipated projects:

– **“Perfectly Missed“**: A fresh series starring Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka, showcasing their undeniable comedic chemistry.
– **“The Tiger“**: Directed by Dennis Gansel, this gripping anti-war film delves into the harrowing experiences of a Tiger tank crew during World War II.
– **“Dinner Club“**: Join Andreas Caminada as he takes celebrities, including Karoline Herfurth, on a culinary adventure around the globe in this adaptation of the original Italian series.
– **“German Cocaine Cowboy“**: A four-part documentary exploring the life of a Hamburg pimp within the Cali Cartel.
– **“LOL: Last One Laughing Halloween Special“**: An entertaining Halloween edition of the popular reality series.
– **“Lights Out“**: A reality show where celebrities endure 120 hours of complete darkness, hosted by Steven Gätjen.

These projects represent just a fraction of the variety that Prime Video is set to offer.

### Celebrating Prime Video’s Milestone

Prime Video’s tenth anniversary isn’t just about showcasing new content; it’s also a time for reflection and appreciation. From March 18 to April 1, Prime Video plans to honor this milestone with exclusive offers in the Prime Video Store and on Prime Video Channels, giving fans even more reasons to celebrate.

### What to Expect

The upcoming „highlight projects“ on Prime Video cover a wide range of genres and formats, from documentaries and reality shows to comedy series and dramatic films. These offerings emphasize Prime Video’s commitment to delivering diverse and quality content to its audience. As the service enters its second decade, viewers can look forward to an even richer selection of entertainment options, reinforcing Prime Video’s position as a key player in the streaming industry.

### Conclusion

As Prime Video celebrates ten years of streaming excellence, the introduction of these „highlight projects“ demonstrates the platform’s continuous evolution and its unwavering dedication to providing top-tier entertainment. With an exciting lineup of series, films, and special broadcasts on the horizon, Prime Video is poised to captivate audiences worldwide. Here’s to the next decade of groundbreaking storytelling and immersive viewing experiences on Prime Video!
source: https://www.ifun.de/zehn-jahre-prime-video-das-sind-die-neuen-highlight-projekte-228346/

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