UniFi Ultra: Cloud Gateway and Switch Expand the New Line

### Ubiquiti Expands Its New Product Line with UniFi Ultra: The Ultimate Cloud Gateway and Switch for Home Offices

Ubiquiti has always been at the forefront of network technology, offering solutions that blend performance with sleek design. Last month, Ubiquiti introduced us to the Swiss Army Knife Ultra, laying the foundation for an entirely new product line – the UniFi Ultra. This month, the family grows with the introduction of two additions: the Cloud Gateway Ultra and the Switch Ultra. These latest entries are designed to cater to the Home-Office and private environments, situating themselves as the entry-level options within the broader UniFi product lineup.

#### A Nod to AmpliFi Legacy

At a glance, the new Ultra products bear a resemblance to the older AmpliFi devices, which, though no longer on the cutting edge technology-wise, were lauded for their user-friendly design and reliable performance. It wouldn’t be surprising if UniFi intends the Ultra line to completely take over from AmpliFi in the near future. This strategic move might signal a new chapter for UniFi, one that focuses on blending functionality with user-friendly interfaces for home network setups.

#### The Recommended Base Setup

UniFi recommends pairing the Cloud Gateway Ultra with the Swiss Army Knife Ultra – a Wi-Fi hotspot – for a seamless networking experience. This combination promises efficient management and configuration options for your home network, delivering performance that meets the demands of a modern home office.

#### Pricing and Features

The Cloud Gateway Ultra doesn’t just offer extensive management and configuration capabilities; it also acts as a central router. With the ability to connect to the internet uplink and support up to four devices at gigabit speeds via cable, it stands as a robust solution for home networks. Pricing for the Cloud Gateway Ultra starts at €108.29.

For those requiring additional network ports, the Switch Ultra emerges as an ideal companion with its eight network ports. A notable aspect of the Switch Ultra is its flexible power options. Starting at €108.29 without an external power supply, it can still function effectively, albeit with PoE options limited by the power input through the uplink. However, for expanded PoE capabilities, Ubiquiti offers the Switch Ultra with either a 60-Watt external power supply for €153.51 or a 210-Watt version for €220.15, significantly enhancing the power available to each port.

#### The Inaugural UniFi Express

In December, preceding these releases, Ubiquiti unveiled UniFi Express, a device that combines a Cloud-Gateway with a Wi-Fi Access Point. Inspired by the design ethos of AmpliFi, the UniFi Express is envisioned as an all-in-one solution for smaller environments. It marks the beginning of Ubiquiti’s journey into the hybrid space where functionality meets design simplicity, targeted at users who desire a minimalist yet efficient home network setup.

Ubiquiti’s expansion into the home office and private network space with the Ultra Series signals a strategic shift towards more user-friendly and adaptable networking solutions. By blending the reliable performance Ubiquiti is known for with the simplicity and aesthetic appeal of the AmpliFi line, the Ultra Series is poised to redefine home networking. Whether you’re setting up a new home office or upgrading your home network, UniFi Ultra offers a promising array of options to meet your networking needs.
source: https://www.ifun.de/unifi-ultra-cloud-gateway-und-switch-erweitern-die-neue-reihe-228253/

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