80 Percent Cleared: Apple Reforests Atlantic Rainforest

### Apple’s Restoration Effort: Reviving the Atlantic Rainforest

In a world where the echoes of environmental degradation are growing louder by the day, hope shines through the actions of those committed to making a difference. Among the fertile lands of South America, initiatives backed by technology giants and local communities are making considerable strides in the reforestation of the Atlantic Rainforest. A marvel of biodiversity and once sprawling over vast territories, this vital ecosystem has been reduced to a mere fragment of its former glory, with 80% cleared away over the course of 500 years for agriculture and livestock.

### The Restore Fund: Apple’s Answer to Climate Catastrophe

At the forefront of these conservation efforts stands Apple’s ambitious Restore Fund, launched in collaboration with financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs. The Fund is more than just a financial pledge; it’s a testament to Apple’s proactive stance against climate change, focusing on the rejuvenation of the Atlantic Rainforest. By supporting projects that aim not only to offset carbon emissions but also to enhance local livelihoods and biodiversity, Apple is demonstrating the powerful role corporations can play in environmental stewardship.

### Symbiosis: A Partner in Regeneration

One of the key players in this reforestation initiative is Symbiosis, a company committed to developing sustainably managed forests and championing the preservation of the rainforest’s natural state. Since 2010, Symbiosis has been actively involved in Brazil, raising seedlings from mother trees to rehabilitate the devastated landscapes. With ambitions to plant over a million seedlings across 1000 hectares by 2024, and a promise to conserve native, diverse forests on 40% of its land, the project represents a beacon of hope for the region’s ecological future.

### The Urgency of Reforestation

The magnitude of this conservation endeavor cannot be understated. Of the approximately 5,000 tree species that adorn the Atlantic Rainforest, two-thirds face the threat of extinction. Projects like those supported by the Restore Fund are not only essential for the forest’s survival but for the countless species dependent on its canopy for life.

### Beyond Greenwashing

In the recent years marked by the harrowing presidency of Jair Bolsonaro, deforestation rates in Brazil skyrocketed, painting a grim picture for environmentalists worldwide. Apple’s determined stride towards reforestation stands as a much-needed positive headline amid the barrage of negative news. While skeptics might hastily label such corporate initiatives as greenwashing, the tangible actions and committed investments speak louder, offering a blueprint for how companies can contribute meaningally to the planet’s well-being.

### The Path Forward

As Apple and its partners forge ahead with their reforestation efforts, they not only aim to restore the physical landscape but to instill a sense of possibility for what concerted, thoughtful environmental action can achieve. In the battle against climate change and biodiversity loss, fostering alliances between corporations, communities, and conservationists is crucial. The rejuvenation of the Atlantic Rainforest serves as a compelling narrative of what is possible when we commit to the healing of our planet.
source: https://www.ifun.de/zu-80-prozent-gerodet-apple-forstet-atlantischen-regenwald-auf-229344/

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