Anker Solix C800: Pre-sale begins with a discount of 150 Euros

### Anker Launches Pre-Sales for Solix C800 Powerstation with Impressive €150 Discount

Exciting news for tech enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike: Anker has recently announced the launch of its latest powerstation, the Solix C800, now available for pre-order at a significant discount. The standard Solix C800 model is priced at €499 during this introductory phase, and for those opting for the Solix C800 Plus version, the price is set at €549. But that’s not all – a special discount of €150 is available, bringing these innovative devices within an even more attractive price range.

For those who prefer not to order through Amazon, the purchase can also be made directly from Anker. In either case, make sure to activate the special €150 discount to benefit from the reduced prices mentioned.

The Anker Solix 800 is touted as a compact yet powerful station, perfect for outdoor parties, camping, and various adventures. The Plus model ups the ante with the addition of two LED lights that can be used either as stationary lights or handheld torches. Furthermore, a tripod is included to help focus the lighting as needed. Both models feature Anker’s standard LED strip on the device’s front, enhancing visibility and usability.

### Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Connectivity

A notable feature of the C800 models is their app connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This allows users to monitor the powerstation status from their iPhone and adjust settings related to charging and discharging, offering added convenience and control.

At the heart of the Solix C800 is a LiFePO4 battery with a 768 Watt-hour capacity, boasting a lifespan of at least 3,000 charge cycles. The device can deliver power through three Schuko sockets with up to 1,200 Watts, reaching up to 1,600 Watts for short peaks. Additionally, it features two USB-C and USB-A ports and a car socket, catering to a wide array of charging needs.

### Solar Charging Option

For those looking to harness the power of the sun, the Solix C800 can also be charged using solar panels. Anker offers various bundles with discounts for this eco-friendly charging method. Alternatively, existing solar panels can be utilized, provided they come with an XT-60 connector or a compatible adapter.

### Product Note

The Anker Solix C800 Portable Powerstation offers a robust solution for portable power needs, boasting a 1200W output (1600W peak) and a rapid charge that can recharge its battery to 100% in just 58 minutes. With a 768Wh capacity, this powerful generator is ready to keep your devices charged and your adventures going.

As the pre-sale launches, this is an opportune moment to invest in reliable and versatile portable power. Whether for outdoor activities, emergency backup, or simply to have a dependable power source while on the go, the Anker Solix C800 models bring a blend of innovation and practicality to the table. Don’t miss out on the introductory offer to make this cutting-edge technology part of your gear collection.

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