Apple TV: HDMI-CEC Not Working on tvOS 17.4

# Apple TV Update Causes HDMI-CEC Issues for Some Users

In the aftermath of Apple’s operating system updates last week, error messages have been on the rise. Just this morning, we discussed the malfunction of the barometer feature on the iPhone. Following that, we’ve received reports from readers experiencing issues with controlling their Apple TV via HDMI-CEC.

The update to tvOS 17.4, released last Thursday, was intended as a maintenance release to fix bugs and introduce improvements. However, for users who operate their Apple TV via HDMI-CEC using their TV’s remote control, the reality has been quite the opposite. This control option has suddenly become unavailable, even though it worked flawlessly before the update.

This issue is currently being discussed in both German and American Apple support forums. According to the experiences shared, affected users have tried everything from resetting to reinstalling their Apple TV, but to no avail.

### Not a Universal Problem
While the issue seems widespread, affecting a variety of TV models and manufacturers, some users have reported that everything works as usual for them. An interesting solution came from one user who managed to regain HDMI-CEC functionality after repeatedly re-pairing their remote control:

„I’ve tried several times to see if re-pairing the remote would help. It didn’t work well at all. On my last attempt, I couldn’t delete the remote and had to restart the Apple TV. Since then, CEC started working again.“

It appears that Apple needs to address this issue. The „error fixes“ included in tvOS 17.4 have, at least in this case, had the opposite effect. Users affected by this problem have no choice but to wait for a subsequent update that will hopefully resolve the issue.

### Conclusion
While updates are intended to improve the user experience by fixing bugs and enhancing performance, they can sometimes introduce new problems. The recent tvOS 17.4 update is a case in point, with its unintended disruption of HDMI-CEC functionality for some users. As discussions continue in support forums and users seek workarounds, the hope is that Apple will quickly roll out a fix to restore seamless control for all Apple TV users. Until then, the community will have to rely on shared solutions and the occasional lucky break.

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