Apple Vision Pro: German is Among the Next Supported Languages

### Apple Vision Pro Soon to Include German Among Supported Languages

Since its release in the U.S. in February, the Apple Vision Pro could be expanding its horizons to other countries very soon, with Germany rumored to be one of the first international destinations for this innovative piece of technology.

The speculation arises from changes in visionOS, the operating system of the Vision Pro, where updates have prepared the integrated virtual keyboard of the Apple headset to support an additional twelve language variants. A notable inclusion among these updates, as cited by the American Apple blog MacRumors, is the enhancement of the keyboard settings to accommodate languages such as Cantonese, various dialects of Chinese, English (for Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and the UK), French (for France and Canada), Korean, Japanese, and significantly, German.

This expansion does not guarantee the immediate availability of the Apple Vision Pro in these countries. However, it strongly suggests that Apple is laying the groundwork for a broader release that includes Germany, Australia, Canada, China, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the UK.

### Possible International Launch by June?

Apple hinted at a global rollout of the Vision Pro later this year, after its U.S. launch. Initially, the tech community expected a typical, slow Apple release schedule possibly extending into the fall. However, recent developments indicate that an international launch—or at least an announcement—could realistically happen by June at the latest.

The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in early June presents an ideal platform for Apple to initiate developer support in the new Vision Pro markets actively. Moreover, reports from the production sector suggest that Apple might be able to supply the necessary quantities for an expanded offering faster than initially anticipated.

The Vision Pro’s potential availability in Germany and other countries marks a significant step for Apple as it continues to push the boundaries of technology and accessibility. The addition of various language supports, including German, underscores Apple’s commitment to creating a versatile and inclusive product that can cater to a global market. Be on the lookout for more updates as we get closer to June and possibly the next chapter in Apple Vision Pro’s international journey.

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