„Bloomberg: Apple in Talks with Google for AI Collaboration“

# Apple Discussing AI Collaboration with Google: A Game-Changer in the Making

In an unexpected potential turn of events, the tech giant Apple may be looking towards a collaboration with external partners to bolster its upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) offensive. According to insiders familiar with the matter, as reported by Bloomberg, the company is currently in deep negotiations with Google, setting the stage for a partnership that could shake the foundations of the AI industry.

The aim of this collaboration is to enhance the capabilities of Apple’s forthcoming operating systems through AI technology. Not content with solely relying on its internally developed AI models, Apple is exploring the use of technologies sourced from partners, with discussions reportedly centered around the integration of Google’s Gemini as well as talks with OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT.

### The Google-Apple Partnership: Extending an Existing Relationship

Incorporating Google Gemini into Apple’s technology stack can be seen as an extension of the already existing partnership between Apple and Google. This relationship currently manifests through the default inclusion of Google Search in Apple’s Safari web browser. This new phase could further solidify their collaboration, marking a significant step towards integrating comprehensive AI functionalities within Apple’s ecosystem.

### Apple Playing Catch-up in the AI Arena

The news about Apple’s plans has caught many by surprise. There have been long-standing speculations that the introduction of comprehensive AI features in iOS 18 was a done deal. It was widely assumed that Apple would focus on its proprietary developments, especially considering the paramount importance of data privacy in incorporating AI features.

A potential partnership with third parties, be it Google or OpenAI, may suggest that Apple has previously underestimated this domain and currently might not be equipped to compete with the market leaders independently. It is, however, evident that incorporating such functionalities in its forthcoming operating system versions is non-negotiable for Apple. This recognition is underscored by CEO Tim Cook’s hints and Apple’s aggressive acquisition spree in the AI sector, with the recent purchase of DarwinAI being a testament to this strategy.

### External AI Features as an Optional Add-on?

While the negotiations between Apple and Google are ongoing, Bloomberg suggests that we might not see an official announcement before June. This timeline is significant as Apple traditionally provides a sneak peek into the upcoming generations of its operating systems in June, making the disclosure of planned AI features almost inevitable.

A conceivable approach could involve partnering with multiple providers. Similar to the choice of search engines in Safari, Apple could allow users the discretion to select their desired AI assistant, augmenting the standard functionalities of Apple’s systems.

As we await further developments, the prospect of Apple and Google joining forces in AI heralds an exciting phase for technology enthusiasts. This collaboration, if realized, could not only redefine the AI landscape but also significantly enhance user experience across Apple’s ecosystem, marrying the prowess of two tech titans in an unprecedented alliance.
source: https://www.ifun.de/bloomberg-apple-verhandelt-mit-google-ueber-gemini-integration-229419/

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