BookArc Flex: New Generation of MacBook Stand Launches

### Twelve South Launches New Generation of BookArc Flex: A Must-Have MacBook Stand for Tidy Desk Enthusiasts

In the realm of office and home office setups, a tidy desk is not just a desire—it’s a necessity for many. Recognizing this, Twelve South, a renowned accessory provider, introduced a new generation of its MacBook stand, the BookArc Flex, in January. This vertical laptop stand is specifically designed for users who leverage external monitors at their workstations and cherish a clutter-free desk environment.

The BookArc Flex is a game changer for those looking to optimize their desktop setups. Capable of holding MacBooks up to 16 inches in size—including the new 15-inch MacBook Air—this stand positions your laptop vertically, creating a neatly organized workspace.

What sets the BookArc Flex apart is its flexibility. The stand features an elastic base sandwiched between two rods, equipped with a lever mechanism to securely fix the inserted notebook in place. This adaptability ensures that a wide range of notebook models can be accommodated.

Available in two color variants—matte black and white—as well as a premium chrome edition with a mirrored finish, the BookArc Flex caters to different aesthetic preferences. The standard versions are priced at €55.99, while the premium version is offered at €69.99.

For those eager to declutter their desk with this innovative solution, the new BookArc Flex is now available on, will soon be on Twelve South’s EU online shop, and direct from Apple. However, shoppers should exercise caution to avoid mistakenly purchasing older versions from 2009, which are still being sold at premium prices. Ensure you’re getting the latest generation for the best experience.

For those looking for more budget-friendly alternatives, there are options in the market starting at around €16. These alternatives typically rely on clamps or tension mechanisms to secure laptops of varying thicknesses, with adjustable widths from about 14 mm to 43 mm.

Whether for aesthetics, desk organization, or simply to have a designated spot for your MacBook, the BookArc Flex stands out as a sleek, functional choice. With its compatibility range, design options, and secure hold, it’s an investment toward a more organized and efficient workspace.

[Product Note: Twelve South BookArc Flex Notebook Stand, available for €60.96]

### Make Your Workspace Your Own

In conclusion, the launch of the new generation BookArc Flex by Twelve South addresses a common need among professionals today: the desire for a clean, organized workspace. With its stylish design, flexibility, and secure hold, the BookArc Flex is more than just a stand—it’s a statement of how you value your space and work. Whether at the office or home, it’s an essential accessory for anyone looking to enhance their desk setup and workflow.

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