Create Stunning Presentations with Deckset on iPad and iPhone

# Revolutionize Your Presentations with Deckset on iPad and iPhone

Creating engaging and impressive presentations is a necessary skill whether you’re working, indulging in a hobby, or involved in volunteer work. The quest for efficiency and simplicity in presentation preparation has led many to explore various tools and technologies. One standout solution is the use of Markdown language, and Deckset is leading the charge in making this approach accessible on iPads and iPhones.

## Embracing Markdown for Presentations

The traditional route of navigating the often cumbersome workflows of PowerPoint or Keynote is becoming a thing of the past for those in the know. Markdown offers a streamlined alternative. By familiarizing yourself with a few syntax rules for headings, inserting images, and formatting text, you can rapidly create presentations. All you need is a text editor, and you’re good to go – even if you’re crafting your presentation on a subway ride.

Deckset has been a favored application among Mac users for transforming Markdown documents into visually appealing slides. Following the developers‘ announcement in Spring 2022, the application’s expansion onto iPad and iPhone means more users can now enjoy the convenience and simplicity Deckset offers.

## Deckset: Now on iPad and iPhone

The mobile version of Deckset brings over 20 different design templates that users can customize directly on their devices. Not only does it allow for the creation of custom themes, but it also supports the inclusion of videos, images, and graphics on slides. Even TeX formatting, which can be pivotal for academic presentations, is catered for.

Unlike the Mac version, which is available as a one-time purchase for 35 Euros, the mobile application operates on a subscription model. Users can choose between an annual subscription for 23 Euros or a monthly one for 3 Euros.

Deckset ensures that your Markdown documents can be swiftly turned into professional-looking slides, ready for any audience, directly from your iPhone or iPad.

For anyone intrigued by the potentials of Markdown for presentations and looking for alternatives, consider exploring Marp, Slideas, Hyperdeck, and the new iA-Presenter. Each offers unique features that might suit your presentation needs.

Deckset’s venture onto iOS devices heralds a new era of convenience and efficiency for presenters. Whether you’re a frequent speaker, a teacher, or someone who occasionally needs to pitch an idea, embracing the Markdown approach with Deckset can change how you prepare for those moments in the spotlight.

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