Disassembled MacBook Air M3: Apple Sticks to the Design of its Predecessor

### iFixit Dives into the MacBook Air M3: A Familiar Design with Notable Updates

The latest exploration by the teardown experts at iFixit has unveiled the internal workings of the new MacBook Air models, revealing a continuation of Apple’s previous design choices with some minor yet significant updates. iFixit’s videos, known for their detailed and professional approach, offer a calm and collected delve into the components that set apart these new devices from their predecessors.

#### Sticking to the Script with the MacBook Air M3

Upon removing the bottom cover of the new MacBook Air M3, iFixit found that Apple has largely retained the design blueprint of its predecessors, opting for refinements over a complete overhaul. This decision reaffirms the tech giant’s confidence in its existing laptop framework, ensuring users will navigate a familiar landscape with their latest purchase.

#### A Noteworthy Memory Configuration

One of the more intriguing discoveries about the MacBook Air M3, which comes with a 256 GB storage option, is its division of storage across two 128 GB memory modules, deviating from its M2 predecessor that sported a single 256 GB chip. This shift is particularly interesting in light of the discussions surrounding the M2 model last year, where a single 256 GB module in the 13-inch MacBook Pro was found to slow memory access.

Apple disputed claims that this configuration significantly impacted day-to-day usage. The company pointed out that while benchmark tests might display differences between single and dual-module setups, the performance in real-life applications was purportedly superior with the M2 models. However, Apple seems to have acknowledged the benefits of a dual-module configuration internally, likely favoring the enhanced speed from accessing two modules at once—a principle akin to the operation of RAID storage systems known for optimizing access speeds.

#### Choosing the Right Power Adapter

As the new MacBook Air hits the shelves, potential buyers should consider their power adapter options. Apple offers the choice between a smaller, more portable adapter and a more powerful one at no extra cost. Additionally, consumers might find enticing discounts through Apple’s retail partners. For instance, Amazon has already listed savings of around 50 Euros on some variants of the new notebooks.

The move to a dual-module storage configuration in the MacBook Air M3 hints at Apple’s commitment to refining its products, balancing familiarity with incremental improvements that address users‘ feedback and technical challenges. As with any technology purchase, potential buyers are encouraged to weigh their options carefully, considering what enhancements each new model brings to the table and how those changes align with their personal or professional needs.
source: https://www.ifun.de/macbook-air-m3-aufgeschraubt-apple-haelt-sich-ans-design-des-vorgaengers-229284/

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