„eero and eero Pro Now 30% Off – A Must-Have for Home Use“

### Boost Your Home Wi-Fi with eero and eero Pro: Now 30% Off!

Have you ever found yourself wearing multiple hats within your family, not just as the beloved son or daughter but also as the go-to unpaid IT specialist at a moment’s notice? If so, you might want to consider doing yourself (and your sanity) a massive favor by installing Amazon’s eero Wi-Fi systems in the homes of your parents, grandparents, and in-laws, while disabling the Wi-Fi functionality of their existing routers.

Setting up these sleek white Wi-Fi units takes just minutes through the manufacturer’s iPhone app, and trust us, it will save you from future headaches—we’re speaking from experience here.

Once set up, the eero systems are so stable that the otherwise monthly ritual of restarting network devices becomes entirely unnecessary. Should any network issues arise (which is rare), they are likely due to the internet provider rather than the Wi-Fi system itself.

Another great feature is the ability to monitor all your eero installations through a single app, where you can remotely update them or easily expand the system as needed.

#### eero and eero Pro on Sale

We’re excited to share that a significant hardware promotion is now underway, offering nearly the entire eero portfolio at roughly 30 percent off. Even the recently introduced eero Max 7 is available at a discount for the first time.

The eero Pro 6E models, in particular, are currently available as a double pack with a whopping forty-three percent discount, dropping the price to just €329.99.

After positioning an eero unit in your home and connecting it to your router, the mesh devices take over, managing and controlling your home Wi-Fi network with efficiency and ease.

The prices for the standard eero models have also been slashed: You can now purchase two standard eeros for €110 instead of €150. For those who prioritize faster Wi-Fi 6 technology, two eero 6+ units are available for just €175, down from €304.

This current promotion not only makes upgrading your home network economically feasible but also offers an excellent opportunity to reduce the burden of being the family IT specialist. With eero’s stable and reliable Wi-Fi coverage, you can say goodbye to the days of troubleshooting network issues and enjoy a seamless online experience in every room of your house.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your home’s Wi-Fi connectivity with eero’s innovative solutions.
source: https://www.ifun.de/selbst-im-einsatz-eero-und-eero-pro-jetzt-mit-30-prozent-229322/

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