FRITZ!Box Under Attack: Failed Login Attempts from

### FRITZ!Box Under Attack: Failed Login Attempts from

The event logs of a FRITZ!Box are something that, ideally, should contain minimal entries. It’s normal for a router to report occasional internet outages, log when users access the FRITZ!Box interface, and provide information on updated port releases. Beyond these instances, the list displayed under FRITZ!Box > System > Events should, for the most part, remain empty.

However, many users are currently noticing their event overview filling up. As reported by several readers at, the event summary is listing a multitude of unauthorized login attempts. These attempts are not very sophisticated, as they try out known combinations of usernames and passwords, hoping to hit upon valid login credentials for FRITZ!Box routers.

Interestingly, these access attempts aren’t even coming from various IP addresses but consistently from the same one ( This reveals an approach that seems rather hopeful than effective. However, it serves as a reminder for FRITZ!Box owners to re-evaluate the strength of their passwords.

#### Have I Been Pwned?

It’s a good practice to periodically check the website Have I Been Pwned to see if your email addresses and passwords have been compromised and circulated in the dark web. Have I Been Pwned collects data from known breaches and compares it against your inputs. If it finds that your login information was compromised in a past hack, it will alert you to take appropriate action.

The increase in access attempts on FRITZ!Box routers isn’t necessarily alarming, but it doesn’t hurt to block the suspicious IP address. By doing so, you can prevent future and further login attempts.

Special thanks to Günther, Chris, and all other tipsters who provided information on this issue!

Ensuring the security of your home network and devices is crucial in today’s digital age. Regularly updating passwords, using strong, unique combinations for each account, and staying informed about potential security breaches can help protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Stay safe and secure online by taking proactive steps to safeguard your digital footprint.

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