Game Promotion in the Mac App Store: „Stray“ as a Flagship

### Sale on Mac App Store Games: „Stray“ Leading the Charge

If you’ve been holding off on picking up Mac games like „Stray“ or the “Myst” remake, now’s your chance to snag these titles at a discounted price from the Mac App Store. Apple has rolled out a special promotion for Mac games, offering these and other renowned game apps at considerably reduced prices for a limited time.

Don’t let the promotional graphic in the Mac App Store for Apple’s game sale confuse you, though. It also promotes special prices for games like “Death Stranding,” “Resident Evil 4,” or “Lies of P,” which are already available at reduced or introductory prices in Germany.

### „Stray“ – The Cat Adventure Game Available Since December

The spotlight of Apple’s current promotion is definitely cast on „Stray.“ Developed by Annapurna Interactive, this adventure game puts the player in the paws of a stray cat exploring and adventuring through a futuristic cyber-metropolis. Make sure to check the system requirements, as the game is designed exclusively for Macs with Apple processors.

During Apple’s game promotion, you can purchase „Stray“ for a limited time at the price of €18.49, down from the regular €27.99.

### Also Featuring „Myst“ and „Firmament“

The new version of the adventure classic Myst has been available on the Mac App Store for three years and is currently being offered at €19.99—a whole €10 less than its usual price.

Just like the original, the player finds themselves on a mysterious island tasked with unraveling its secrets and influencing the game’s outcomes with their decisions.

The creators of „Myst“ are also behind the puzzle-adventure game Firmament, available in the promotion at €29.99 in the Mac App Store. Here, you must explore an apparently abandoned world and uncover its secrets.

For an overview of the current Apple promotion, including more information on the included games, check out the Mac App Store. This sale presents a fantastic opportunity for Mac users to expand their gaming library with some high-quality titles at a fraction of the usual cost. Whether you’re into exploring dystopian cityscapes as a nimble cat in „Stray,“ unraveling the mysteries of an enigmatic island in „Myst,“ or delving into the secrets of a deserted world in „Firmament,“ now’s the time to dive in.

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