HomeBatteries monitors batteries in HomeKit devices

### Keep Your HomeKit Devices Powered with HomeBatteries

In the smart home world, staying informed about your device’s battery level is crucial to ensure a seamless experience. For Apple HomeKit users, there is now a dedicated app that takes battery monitoring to the next level: HomeBatteries. Compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone, HomeBatteries positions itself as the go-to hub for keeping tabs on the battery health of your HomeKit accessories. While it’s true that Apple’s Home app, along with several others, can inform you about battery status, HomeBatteries shines especially bright for users with multiple devices to manage.

Developed by Adam Foot, HomeBatteries aims to exceed the expectations set by the standard functionalities found in current apps. Alongside notifications for low battery levels and corresponding widgets, HomeBatteries organizes your battery-equipped devices by room. It also adds valuable information, such as the type of battery used and whether it is rechargeable or single-use.

### A Graphical View of Battery Life

One of the app’s standout features in its recent 2.0 update is a history graph that displays battery levels over the past 30 or 180 days, or even an unlimited period. Additionally, users can log when batteries are charged or replaced. These dates are then visible on the graph, providing a comprehensive view of each device’s battery history.

The app’s layout has also been optimized for larger screens, utilizing a three-column setup to make better use of the additional space available compared to an iPhone. Furthermore, with this latest update, the developer has significantly enhanced shortcut support, broadening the app’s ease of use and functionality.

### Licensing Options

HomeBatteries is available for free download and can be used with limited functionality. The full version unlocks the history graph, notification features, and iCloud sync options. Users have the choice of subscribing annually for €5.99 or taking advantage of the current promotion for a lifetime license at €9.99 (regularly €22.99).

For HomeKit users who manage a large number of devices, HomeBatteries offers a specialized solution for monitoring and maintaining device batteries, ensuring that your smart home runs smoothly without any unexpected interruptions due to power issues.

[Download HomeBatteries for HomeKit] – Convert your smart home battery management into a hassle-free experience.
source: https://www.ifun.de/homebatteries-ueberwacht-akkus-und-batterien-in-homekit-geraeten-229553/

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