IKEA: Water Alarm BADRING and Socket TRETAKT Available

### IKEA’s Smart Home Expands with Affordable Water Sensors and Smart Plugs

IKEA continues to make waves in the smart home market by introducing two new and affordably priced gadgets: the BADRING water sensor and the TRETAKT smart plug. These latest additions demonstrate IKEA’s commitment to expanding its range of smart home solutions, offering consumers high-quality products without breaking the bank.

#### BADRING Water Sensor: A Must-Have for Every Home

Initially announced last year, the BADRING water sensor is now finally available for purchase both online and in select IKEA stores. Priced at only €10, the BADRING is an absolute steal compared to similar products from other brands that often come with a heftier price tag.

Designed to be placed in areas prone to water leaks, such as under sinks or in laundry rooms, the BADRING water sensor is a practical solution to a common problem. Upon detecting moisture, the sensor sends an alert to the user’s smart home hub, allowing for immediate action. This can range from a simple smartphone notification to triggering other smart devices in the home, like lights, to visually alert inhabitants of the issue.

#### TRETAKT Smart Plug: Affordability Meets Convenience

Alongside the BADRING, IKEA has also launched the TRETAKT smart plug, priced at just €8. This device offers a straightforward and cost-effective means to remotely control electric appliances. For those looking for added convenience, a version of the TRETAKT smart plug is available with a wireless remote control for €10, allowing users to manage their appliances without the need for a smartphone.

The TRETAKT plug features an additional push-button directly on the device, providing users with a manual on/off switch that complements its remote and app-based controls.

#### A Note for IKEA Smart Home Newcomers

For those new to IKEA’s smart home ecosystem, it’s important to note that the DIRIGERA Hub, priced at €60, is required to integrate these gadgets into your home network. Serving as both a central hub and a HomeKit bridge, the DIRIGERA is the heart of IKEA’s smart home system.

Additionally, IKEA does not include batteries with its devices, encouraging customers to consider more sustainable options. IKEA offers its rechargeable LADDA batteries at a very competitive price of €4.99 for a four-pack, aligning with the company’s commitment to affordability and environmental responsibility.

#### Embracing the Future with IKEA

IKEA’s latest offerings in the smart home arena underline its dedication to providing accessible, high-quality technology that enhances the lives of its customers. With the BADRING water sensor and TRETAKT smart plug, IKEA continues to offer innovative solutions that make the smart home dream a reality for everyone. Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or new to the smart home world, IKEA’s expanding range promises to deliver on convenience, peace of mind, and value.
source: https://www.ifun.de/ikea-smarthome-wassermelder-badring-und-steckdose-tretakt-verfuegbar-229300/

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