Kindle Unlimited: Read Unlimited for Two Months for Free

**Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited: Dive Into a World of Books for Free This Easter**

In a delightful preview to its Easter specials, Amazon is currently offering a tempting deal for avid readers – Kindle Unlimited, its comprehensive reading subscription service, is available absolutely free for two months. Normally commanding a monthly fee of €11.75, this offer provides a remarkable opportunity for readers to save €23.50 while accessing a vast library of content. However, a point to note is the importance of cancelling the subscription timely if one decides not to continue after the trial period, as it automatically renews at the regular monthly rate thereafter.

Kindle Unlimited – A Brief Overview

Kindle Unlimited operates on an interesting model similar to that of a library, providing subscribers unlimited access to a select range of books, magazines, and audiobooks from Amazon’s expansive selection. According to the latest information available, the Kindle Unlimited library boasts over a million eBooks and 2,000 magazines, encompassing a diverse array of genres and topics. Subscribers can borrow up to ten titles at a time, and must return one before borrowing another, ensuring a fair rotation of the extensive catalog available.

Interestingly, despite the name, owning a Kindle e-Reader is not a prerequisite to enjoy Kindle Unlimited’s offerings. Amazon offers a variety of reading apps that allow users to access their subscription across different devices, which may be particularly beneficial for magazine readers who prefer the flexibility of reading on different platforms.

No Kindle? No Problem!

For those who cherish the tactile feel of an e-Reader, or are considering investing in one, traditional e-Book readers with E-Ink displays and optional backlighting provide an unparalleled reading experience. If you’re yet to own one, you might want to keep an eye out for Amazon’s Easter specials starting tomorrow. It’s highly likely that there will be significant discounts on Kindle readers, with the Kindle Paperwhite, our top pick for its balance of features and value, taking the limelight. That said, the more affordably priced standard Kindle model, now featuring an illuminated screen, offers great value and is an excellent entry-level option.

Managing Your Subscription

Controlling your Kindle Unlimited subscription is straightforward via Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited portal. It offers easy options to cancel your subscription, review ongoing costs, and manage your currently borrowed titles. Additionally, Amazon provides a helpful reminder service via email, notifying subscribers ahead of the next payment date, helping to avoid unwanted charges.

In Summary

For book lovers looking for an affordable way to access a wide range of reading materials, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited provides an excellent service. With the current promotional offer allowing two months of free access, it’s a fantastic time to explore the rich selection of eBooks, magazines, and audiobooks available. Just remember to manage your subscription preferences to suit your needs, and potentially mark your calendars for Amazon’s Easter specials for additional deals that might enhance your reading experience. Happy reading!

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