macOS Sonoma 14.4: iCloud Drive Deletes File Versions

## Critical Bug Discovered in macOS Sonoma 14.4 Affecting iCloud Drive Versions

If you’re an Apple enthusiast who has eagerly updated your macOS to the newly released Sonoma 14.4 version on March 7th, and if you are utilizing iCloud Drive for document storage along with the „Optimize Storage“ feature, you may need to brace yourself for potential significant data loss. A concerning issue has surfaced that could lead to the permanent deletion of saved versions of files stored in iCloud Drive.

![Critical Bug Alert](image link here)

### Discovery of the Bug

Howard Oakley, a reputable figure in the macOS community known for his contributions and development of over 40 macOS tools, has identified a critical flaw in the newest macOS Sonoma 14.4 version. When combined —utilizing macOS 14.4, iCloud Drive for storage, and the „Optimize Storage“ feature— there exists a risk for stored file versions to vanish.

Typically, macOS has maintained the versions of a file saved in iCloud Drive even after they’re purged from local storage to free up space, allowing users to retrieve these versions upon re-downloading the files. However, this process under macOS Sonoma 14.4 inadvertently results in the irreversible loss of these versions.

![Document Versions](image link here)

### The Problem with „Optimize Storage“

Oakley discovered that the issue, not present in macOS 14.3, manifests in 14.4, jeopardizing document version integrity. This bug surfaces when files are removed from local storage as part of space optimization, leading to the inadvertent deletion of their saved versions in iCloud Drive.

#### How to Protect Your Data

For users who rely heavily on document versioning for their work or personal projects, Oakley recommends two precautionary measures: avoid storing documents in iCloud Drive or disable the „Optimize Storage“ feature. This preventive action aims to ensure the versions of your documents remain intact, safeguarding against unexpected data loss.

Oakley has reported this glitch to Apple with the identifier FB13691058 and encourages other affected users to provide feedback to Apple, highlighting the need for a prompt resolution to avoid widespread data loss.

### Learning More about „Optimize Storage“

For those interested in understanding more about the „Optimize Storage“ functionality and its implications, Apple’s macOS User Guide offers comprehensive insights under the section „Optimizing Storage on Your Mac“ along with details on „Storing files in iCloud Drive on the Mac.“

#### Final Thoughts

With the advent of such a troubling issue, it is crucial for macOS users to remain vigilant and consider taking preventive measures to safeguard their data. Whether it means adjusting how you store your documents or tweaking system settings, staying informed and proactive is key to avoiding unwanted surprises.

![User Advisory](image link here)

Stay tuned for updates from Apple and consider reaching out with your feedback to ensure such concerns are swiftly addressed, ensuring the safety and integrity of your digital documents and projects.

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