Melodious: Great Free Remote Control for Spotify and Apple Music

**Introducing Tuneful: A Free Remote Control App for Spotify and Apple Music**

Music lovers and tech enthusiasts, rejoice! The open-source application, Tuneful, is here to enhance your music streaming experience. First introduced last year on, Tuneful has since evolved, with its latest version 1.5 now available for free download. What makes this app stand out is its elegance and functionality in remotely controlling Spotify or Apple’s Music application, directly from your desktop or menu bar.

**What’s New in Tuneful Version 1.5?**

The latest update of Tuneful introduces several new features to improve user experience. One of the highlights is the option to display usable controls, along with cover and song information, right within the Mac menu bar. This means that accessing the Tuneful Mini-Player for quick song-skipping is now even more convenient.

**The Highlight: Tuneful Mini-Player**

At the heart of the Tuneful app lies the Mini-Player. Activated with a single click below the Mac menu bar, this feature is customizable to suit your personal taste. Users can opt for a transparent background or a blurred artwork display of the currently playing song and even display a cover in the menu bar, which also shows information about the song being played.

**CD Cover Display**

In addition to integrating with the Mac menu bar, the app boasts a separate CD cover display that can be placed anywhere on the desktop. This display floats above all other windows and, like the Mini-Player, can be customized in appearance and size to fit your preferences.

**Why You Should Try Tuneful**

Whether you’re a Spotify or Apple Music user, Tuneful is a must-try app for anyone looking to streamline their music listening experience. Once you’ve selected your desired playlist or album to kickstart your day, Tuneful offers a much smoother and quicker access compared to the respective Mac applications from Spotify or Apple.

In essence, Tuneful provides a stylish and efficient way to control your music playback, ensuring that your favorite tunes are always just a click away. As an entirely free application that continues to expand its offerings, Tuneful is an excellent addition to any music lover’s tech toolkit. Give it a try and experience a new level of convenience and control over your music streaming.

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