Microsoft Office 2024: New Purchase License Coming Later This Year

## Microsoft Office 2024: New Perpetual License Available Later This Year

Microsoft’s efforts in the office software space have been heavily geared towards their subscription model, Microsoft 365. This prioritization hasn’t been kept under wraps; Microsoft actively promotes it. Despite this focus, the traditional perpetual license option for Office remains available. In a recent announcement, Microsoft unveiled the upcoming Office 2024, confirming the continuation of offering versions compatible with both Mac and Windows.

### Microsoft 365 and the Move Towards Cloud-Based Apps

Microsoft 365 is renowned for its cloud-supported apps, security features, and storage options—elements that Microsoft’s global customer base has come to rely on heavily. Furthermore, this platform serves as the foundation for the use of generative AI, marking a significant step in modern workplace evolution. However, Microsoft recognizes that there’s a substantial segment of its customer base that prefers traditional purchase licenses over subscription models. This preference isn’t always due to a lack of online access in the users‘ environments.

### Phased Rollout for Business and Private Customers

The rollout of Microsoft Office 2024 will initiate with a „Commercial Preview“ for business customers starting next month, with an official version set to be released later in the year. On top of this, Microsoft plans to release Office 2024 as a perpetual license for private customers at some point within the same timeframe. From the launch date, Microsoft is committed to providing five years of product support for the new Office versions.

As for pricing, there’s good news for users. The cost of Office 2024 is expected to remain the same as its predecessor, Office 2021, officially listed at 299 euros. However, it’s common knowledge that both subscription and perpetual licenses of Office are often available on the market at significantly lower prices.

### Feature Updates and Changes

Details about feature updates and expansions related to Office 2024 will be disclosed by Microsoft closer to the release date. What’s already clear is that the upcoming versions of Office will do away with Microsoft Publisher, an app that was only available on Windows and is now heading towards discontinuation. Moreover, Microsoft Teams will no longer be included as part of the Office suite but will instead be available as a separate download.

This strategic move to continue offering both subscription and perpetual license options reflects Microsoft’s commitment to catering to a broad audience with varying preferences. Whether users opt for the cutting-edge, subscription-based Microsoft 365 or the traditional purchase model of Office 2024, Microsoft aims to support a wide array of workplace and personal needs. As the launch dates near, both prospective and existing users eagerly await more details on the specific enhancements and features Office 2024 will bring.

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