New from Govee: Neon Rope Light 2 Launches with Matter Integration

## **Govee Launches New Neon Rope Light 2 With Matter Support: A Game Changer in Home Lighting**

In the world of smart home accessories, Govee has carved out a niche for itself with its array of mood-setting lights. These are not just ordinary lights; they can be seamlessly integrated into numerous smart home systems and controlled via voice commands. Moreover, every Govee product comes with comprehensive app support, setting it apart from competitors.

Our recent exploration of Govee’s Christmas lights revealed a product that easily outshines similar offerings from hardware store competitors. From personal experience with Govee products, it’s evident that they excel in delivering vivid colors, smooth transitions between color gradients, and precise control over specific color zones. In short, Govee offers some of the best lighting solutions on the market.

The Govee app is filled with an array of effects and deserves applause. However, it’s somewhat overshadowed by its aggressive in-app hardware shop and an overly cluttered user interface. With a bit of patience and familiarization with the app, users can unlock its true potential: creating custom scenes, linking automations and time of day, and integrating light effects with Alexa for practical, day-to-day lighting solutions.

### **Introducing the Neon Rope Light 2**

Adding to Govee’s lineup, the Neon Rope Light 2 is now available with full support for the new Matter smart-home standard. This new offering comes in two sizes: 3 meters and 5 meters, priced at 79.99 Euros and 99.99 Euros, respectively. Govee has improved upon its predecessor by making the silicone tube more flexible and lighter. Each LED strip comes with 25 wall mounts for easy and creative installation at various locations in your home.

Once installed, users can choose from pre-set color gradients and effects. Alternatively, the LED band can be scanned using Govee’s app, allowing users to divide it into segments and assign their chosen colors to each.

### **Features That Shine**

The Neon Rope Light 2 showcases dynamic RGBIC color changes with over 64 pre-programmed light effects. It supports different segmentations and includes a music mode that adjusts lighting based on the room’s acoustic environment. Additionally, a tactile switch on the power supply provides control over six brightness levels, turning the lights on or off, and selecting from several pre-defined effects without always needing to use the accompanying iPhone application.

### **Embrace the Future With Matter**

The integration of the new Matter standard in these Neon Rope Lights underscores Govee’s commitment to compatibility and future-proofing. With options for 3 and 5 meters length, these lights offer versatility and innovation for any smart home enthusiast looking to elevate their lighting game.

**Product Highlights**

– **Govee Neon Rope Light 2, RGBIC Neon LED Strip 3m:** With Form-Mapping, works with Matter, Alexa, & Google Assistant. Priced at 79,99 EUR.

– **Govee Neon Rope Light 2, RGBIC Neon LED Strip 5m:** Also with Form-Mapping and compatible with Matter, Alexa, & Google Assistant. Available for 99,99 EUR.

Govee’s Neon Rope Light 2 represents a leap forward in smart home lighting, offering users a wealth of customization options, ease of installation, and the promise of future compatibility with smart home standards like Matter. Whether it’s setting the mood for a cozy evening or adding a burst of color to a gaming setup, these lights are sure to brighten any space with efficiency and style.

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