Position Paper: Green Party Calls for Advertising Guidelines for Influencers

### German Green Party Pushes for Stringent Advertising Regulations for Influencers in Europe

The German Green Party is taking a bold step forward by advocating for tighter controls over influencers‘ advertising practices across Europe. With the digital landscape continuously evolving, influencers have become pivotal in recommending products and services, often for personal gain. This development has prompted the Green Party to call for stricter regulations to ensure transparent and ethical advertising practices online.

#### Targeting High-Risk Product Categories

A significant proposition that has emerged is the call for a Europe-wide ban on advertising specific product categories deemed high-risk. The spotlight is on financial products and medical items, which, according to information revealed in an unpublished position paper prepared for the European Commission by Green Party experts, could potentially mislead consumers.

The proposal, which has been scrutinized closely by *Handelsblatt*, encompasses ten crucial points aimed at safeguarding consumers from deceptive online practices. If implemented, these measures are expected to unfold over the next five years, providing a structured plan to enhance consumer protection.

#### Focusing on Gambling, Health, and Financial Products

Spearheaded by Tabea Rößner, head of the Digital Committee in the Bundestag, and consumer policy spokesperson Linda Heitmann, the initiative highlights the dangers associated with unregulated advertising. Risks associated with financial products, gambling, and unhealthy foods are of particular concern given their potential negative impact on young audiences.

The policymakers are drawing inspiration from stricter regulations already in place in France, suggesting that uniform guidelines could complement EU digital services law, thereby establishing universally applicable rules across the continent.

#### Mixed Reactions to the Proposal

The initiative, while fundamentally supported by the Federal Association of Influencer Marketing for its aim to create a uniform regulation in Europe, has faced criticism from other political factions. The Free Democratic Party (FDP) has expressed concerns about potential increases in bureaucracy, while the Social Democratic Party (SPD) urges caution against rapid implementation, advocating for a thorough review of the current legal framework first.

### Looking Forward

As discussions unfold, the Green Party’s push for influencer advertising regulations in Europe is poised to initiate crucial conversations on consumer protection in the digital age. With the proposal now on the table, it remains to be seen how European lawmakers will navigate the complex landscape of digital advertising and influencer marketing, balancing innovation with the need to protect vulnerable consumers from misleading content.
source: https://www.ifun.de/positionspapier-gruene-fordern-werbevorgaben-fuer-influencer-229208/

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