„Speedometer Project Aims to Make the Web Faster for All Users“

# Speedometer 3.0: A Collaborative Effort to Accelerate the Web for Everyone

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, a seamless and speedy browsing experience is paramount. Ten years ago, Apple’s WebKit team embarked on a project that would set a new benchmark for assessing the performance of web browsers. Today, the Speedometer project proudly unveils its latest iteration, Version 3.0, marking a significant leap forward in enhancing web performance for users around the globe.

### A Benchmark of Unity and Excellence

Speedometer has long been hailed as a reliable standard for gauging browser performance. With its latest update, it has transformed into a joint venture among the developers behind the three major browser engines: Apple’s Safari-based WebKit, Mozilla’s Firefox groundwork Gecko, and the foundation of Chrome and Edge, the Blink Engine. This collaborative effort underscores a unified goal: to advance the web collectively, optimizing performance across all platforms.

### Leveraging Collective Expertise for the Web’s Betterment

The release of Speedometer 3.0 has garnered attention and collective support from all parties involved, each contributing insights and improvements to the project. Esteemed developers from Apple WebKit, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge have shared their perspectives and technical advancements in respective blog posts, celebrating the launch of Speedometer 3.0.

– **Apple WebKit**: Speedometer 3.0: The Best Way Yet to Measure Browser Performance
– **Google Chrome**: Speedometer 3: Building a benchmark that represents the web
– **Mozilla/Firefox**: Improving Performance in Firefox and Across the Web with Speedometer 3
– **Microsoft Edge**: Contributing to Speedometer 3.0: Capturing real-world challenges on the web

### Advancing Beyond Self-Interest towards a Common Goal

The collaborative nature of Speedometer 3.0 transcends individual achievement, focusing instead on a shared mission to enhance the web for all users. By integrating the key browser engines, the team aims to ensure fairness in performance assessments and foster improvements that benefit users globally.

This spirit of cooperation marks Speedometer 3.0 as a milestone in the realm of web browser performance measurement. Rather than prioritizing promotional metrics, Speedometer strives to accurately reflect the real-world application performance, laying the groundwork for continuous enhancements that will enrich the user experience for everyone.

The journey of Speedometer, from its inception to its current state, exemplifies how collaboration among tech giants can lead to innovation that elevates the web’s potential. With each update, Speedometer not only sets a new standard for browser performance benchmarks but also reinforces the collective commitment to making the web faster, more reliable, and accessible for all.
source: https://www.ifun.de/speedometer-projekt-will-das-web-fuer-alle-nutzer-schneller-machen-229136/

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