Streaming: Deezer Free Disappears, MrBeast on Prime Video

### Streaming Shake-Up: Farewell to Deezer Free and Welcome MrBeast on Prime Video

In the constantly evolving world of streaming, two significant developments have caught the attention of both music and video streaming aficionados. Deezer, a notable competitor in the music streaming arena, is tightening its belt on free access, while Amazon’s video streaming service announces a direct challenge to Netflix’s groundbreaking reality game show, „Squid Game: The Challenge,“ with a jaw-dropping prize pool.

#### Deezer Free Bids Farewell

Deezer, Spotify’s fierce competitor, has decided to phase out its free service, Deezer Free, notifying Scandinavian users about the termination of the free access option, scheduled for the upcoming month. The decision mandates those wishing to maintain their Deezer account to switch to a paid plan. Options include a premium subscription, a family access package, or a duo subscription, which offers couples two premium accesses at a special rate.

For those opting not to transition to a paid subscription, May marks the end of the road. They will lose access to their Deezer account and the ad-supported music streaming service it provided. Similar actions are reported by users in Spain and Italy, raising curiosity about the possible impact on users in other regions. Deezer has yet to respond regarding when or if this change will affect users in other areas.

#### MrBeast Enters the Streaming Game Show Arena

On a separate front, Amazon’s Prime Video is leveling up its game show offerings with the production of a new reality game show titled „Beast Games.“ This announcement comes as a tactical move against Netflix’s „Squid Game: The Challenge.“ Produced by the wildly popular YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, better known as „MrBeast,“ the show will feature 1,000 participants battling for an unprecedented prize pool of five million dollars. MrBeast will not only host the show but also serve as an executive producer, adding a unique twist to the competition.

This record-breaking prize pool is touted by Amazon as the highest ever offered in the history of television and streaming competitions, setting new benchmarks for what audiences can expect from entertainment platforms. With „Squid Game: The Challenge“ as its unspoken inspiration, „Beast Games“ is poised to capture the imagination of viewers and participants alike.

As the landscape of streaming services continues to change, these developments signal a shift towards more exclusive and ambitious content, marking an exciting era for digital entertainment. Whether it’s bidding farewell to familiar services like Deezer Free or welcoming innovative shows like „Beast Games,“ the future of streaming looks bright and endlessly entertaining.

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