Update View in Mac App Store: Remember „Command+R“

### **How to Stay Updated with the Latest App Versions in the Mac App Store: Remember Command+R**

Keeping your applications up to date on your Mac is crucial for security reasons and to access the latest features that developers roll out. While the Mac App Store makes it convenient to download and update applications, managing these updates effectively can sometimes require a bit more involvement, especially if you want to stay informed about what changes come with each new version.

#### **The Convenience of Automatic Updates**

The most straightforward method to keep your apps updated is to use the Mac App Store’s „Automatic Updates“ option. Once you enable this feature in the settings of Apple’s software store, available updates will be applied automatically at some point, ensuring that your applications are always current without needing to manually check for updates.

#### **What You Might Be Missing with Automatic Updates**

However, there’s a caveat. With automatic updates enabled, you might not be aware of how frequently your apps are being updated, what changes are being made, or what new features are being added. For those who like to keep track of these details, it’s essential to manually check the Update section of the Mac App Store regularly.

#### **The Challenge with Update Notifications**

Despite your best efforts, the update notifications displayed in the Mac App Store might not always reflect all available updates. This discrepancy can occur if you rarely restart your computer or if the Mac App Store remains open continuously on your desktop. As a result, you might not be getting the full picture of which updates are available for your apps.

#### **The Command+R Trick**

To ensure you are seeing all available updates, familiarize yourself with the Command+R keyboard shortcut. Similar to how this shortcut works in Apple’s Safari web browser to refresh a web page, Command+R refreshes the view in the Mac App Store. After using this shortcut, don’t be surprised to find additional apps listed for updates that weren’t visible before.

#### **Alternative to Manual Refreshing**

While there is a „Reload Page“ option available in the „Store“ menu of the Mac App Store, using the Command+R shortcut is significantly faster than navigating through the menu with your mouse.

#### **A Comprehensive Solution: MacUpdater**

For those seeking an always up-to-date and reliable overview of all application versions installed on your Mac—not just those downloaded from the Mac App Store but also those obtained directly from developers—the MacUpdater app comes highly recommended. MacUpdater keeps track of your installed software versions and notifies you of available updates from the menu bar.

#### **Conclusion**

Staying informed about the latest updates and versions of your applications is vital. While the „Automatic Updates“ feature in the Mac App Store offers convenience, manually checking for updates using the Command+R shortcut ensures that you don’t miss out on any critical updates. For a broader overview of all your applications‘ versions, consider using a tool like MacUpdater to stay on top of your software updates efficiently.
source: https://www.ifun.de/update-ansicht-im-mac-app-store-merkt-euch-befehlr-229243/

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