Airbnb Offers Hosts Discounted EV Chargers to Encourage Sustainability

# Airbnb Encourages Hosts to Attract EV Owners with Discounted Charging Stations

## A Strategic Partnership for a Greener Stay

In a bid to make their listings more appealing to electric vehicle (EV) owners, Airbnb has teamed up with ChargePoint to offer an exciting new benefit for hosts: discounted home EV chargers. This initiative aims to make it easier for hosts to invest in EV charging infrastructure, thus attracting a growing demographic of environmentally conscious travelers.

![A level 2 ChargePoint station might attract new guests to this Airbnb location.]( | *Image: ChargePoint*

## Comprehensive Packages for Easy Installation

To make the process seamless, Airbnb will provide hosts access to a dedicated online store where they can purchase everything they need in one place. This store offers complete packages that include the EV charging hardware, installation services, and ongoing support. This collaboration simplifies the process for hosts, allowing them to enhance their property’s amenities without dealing with the complexities of sourcing equipment and installation services separately.

## Significant Discounts and Early Bird Incentives

The discounts on offer are substantial. Hosts stand to receive up to 36% off the price of select ChargePoint hardware models, along with additional savings on other charging stations. Furthermore, the initiative also includes a $100 discount on installation services booked through the dedicated site.

To sweeten the deal further, the first 1,000 hosts who purchase a home charger from ChargePoint will benefit from an additional early bird discount of $200, courtesy of Airbnb. This could be an essential incentive given that Level 2 home chargers can cost around $1,300 on average.

## A Win-Win Situation for Hosts and Guests

By providing an EV charger, hosts can not only make their property stand out from the competition but also tap into a market that is set to grow exponentially as more people switch to electric vehicles. For guests, the convenience of knowing they can charge their EVs at their Airbnb destination adds immense value to their stay, potentially making these properties more desirable.

## Moving Towards a Sustainable Future

As the world moves towards greener alternatives, initiatives like this partnership between Airbnb and ChargePoint show a forward-thinking approach to sustainability. It not only reinforces Airbnb’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices but also empowers hosts to contribute to this mission, all while reaping financial benefits.

This new offering from Airbnb and ChargePoint is poised to revolutionize how EV owners plan their stays, creating a win-win scenario where both hosts and guests can benefit from enhanced, eco-friendly accommodations.

For more details on how to take advantage of these offers, visit the dedicated online store through Airbnb’s hosting dashboard.

Stay tuned for more updates on how cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices are shaping the future of travel and hospitality.

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